Your New Lifestyle M.O. (Modus Operandi)

On Saturday, we have 3 aspects. I have already written about the 3-way between the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter Retrograde yesterday. Be sure to read that post as well. But before those aspects exact, Mercury gets a word in edge-wise.

At 10:19am Mercury at 6:32 Taurus Ses-Squares the North Node at 21:32 Virgo.

It was only Wednesday when Mercury ingressed Taurus and he is already at 6+ degrees now. He is zipping right along! Which is never a very helpful thing as he is getting carried away with himself. Though he is not in his ‘impending shadow phase’ yet, he is getting close. Mercury will enter his shadow on or around Apr 15. Then we will be in review. In fact, Mercury will Trine the North Node on Apr 21, the day before his Retrograde Station. For now, though, he is still not there yet, so the accuracy of this soulful aspect to the North Node will hold through until then.

The Ses-Square is an adjustment that results in an ‘ease’. Here if we adjust our thoughts, ideas and words, we will find a soulful ease around what we have and desire (Taurus) and the ways we apply these resources to our lifestyle/work/service (Virgo). NOTE: I have been finding myself expressing Virgo busy-ness and service as a ‘lifestyle’ concept instead. This is all part of what Jupiter is highlighting for us as we review (Jupiter is Retrograde) our new philosophy in this area.

Then at 5:27pm the Sun at 20:27 Aries Conjuncts (0 degrees) Uranus.

Clarity (Sun) around our personal (Aries) path to freedom (Uranus). When the Sun ingressed Aries, we were subconsciously (instinctively) acting on the new reality we want to create this annual cycle. As the encounters Uranus, we will have clarity around what he has been doing in Aries since Mar 2011. Uranus has been shaking up the ways we initiate things in some area of our lives (as shown by the House where you have 0-20 Aries in your chart–it may be 2 Houses by Rising–check Sun Sign House placement, too). He has been giving us revelations directly into our Crown Chakra as Aries rules the head.

I used to write about the Uranus/Pluto Squares (7 between Jun 24, 2012 and Mar 16, 2015) as our Saul to Paul conversion. Saul was struck by a bright light (Uranus is lightning flashes) and he had to have Ananias remove the scales from his eyes. Aries rules the head and the eyes. When Uranus is in Aries, we are ALL going to have new eyesight before he is done in this Sign. We are NOT going to view our world (Aries is the natural 1st House of Earth and rules the ‘body’ of the Earth), in the same way ever again. Uranus will see to that!

So the Sun is trying to pass on to us the clarity of SEEING what he has been doing and giving us in revelations and awareness. Yes, mostly it is shocking, bizarre and unexpected. If you see yourself as you always have, then you are probably getting severe headaches, too. Block Uranus and you will have pain in your head and eyes. Let him through, and you will be a NEW PERSON. Just watch anyone who is an Aries Sun Sign, or has Aries Rising at 0-20 degrees. They have CHANGED (Uranus rules CHANGE) since Uranus entered their 1st House… physically and emotionally and they are out of the self-defeating life they had while Uranus was purging their 12th House.

Uranus and the Sun are meeting at the very tail-end of Uranus’ last Square to Pluto… they are inching from a 3-degree orb and ending our ‘drastic change.’ To have the Sun here now is a very helpful thing. Get all of the clarity you can from this aspect. And do it quickly as the Magic is building with Jupiter to both Uranus and the Sun on Saturday night and Sunday.

At 8:07pm the Sun at 20:34 Aries Biquintiles Jupiter Retrograde at 14:34 Virgo.

Jupiter will exact his Biquintile to Uranus on Sunday, but this aspect will keep the magic flowing from now until then! So make use of it and CHANGE (Uranus) to your NEW (Sun in Aries beginning a new reality) LIFESTYLE (Jupiter Retro in Virgo)!!

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