Magic and Adjustment – Apr 10

Sunday is a busy day with 4 aspects… one of them a Magical wrap-up of the 3-way that began yesterday with the Sun and Uranus in double-magic to Jupiter bringing us our new ‘Lifestyle M.O.’

At 4:39am on Sunday Mercury at 7:49 Taurus Semi-Squares Chiron at 22:49 Pisces.

Some words or expressions from you to towards you could sting a bit. But it is your chance to GROW from them rather than to hold a grudge (Taurus 3D energy). USE IT, as Blade would say;) As the magic of the next aspect is already in play, you have a great chance to GROW.

At 1:31pm Jupiter Retrograde at 14:30 Virgo Biquintile Uranus at 20:30 Aries.

Here we have the exacting of 2 of our Higher Minds in a Double-Magic (5D) aspect that magically blends our new lifestyle philosophy with our personal path to freedom. This aspect is also unexpected good fortune in many ways. So what awareness you have today is going to be mind-blowing if you can watch for it. Take in the Uranian flashes of insight and see how Jupiter expands them allowing you to see the big picture of how these bizarre ideas actually solves all of your old (and our old) Virgo angst. Virgo is the Sign of analysis and paralysis by analysis in 3D. But in 5D, our new philosophy will be to junk the idea of ‘working so hard’ to prove our value according to Baby-Boomer ideas and to relax into the knowing that the Universe can provide inventive ideas to solve ANY situation.

Look for the answers to hit you like an apple on the head;)

At 4:46pm Mercury at 8:38 Taurus Quincunx Mars at 8:38 Sagittarius.

Mars aggressive pursuit of higher consciousness and optimism is going to meet with some resistance (Taurus the Bull) from your fixed thoughts and ideas. There is an adjustment that needs to be made here. It may be that Mercury is afraid Mars is going to commit some of his resources too easily and Mercury isn’t sure he wants to get on board. Make the adjustment. On Thursday, these 2 met in a magical aspect so remember how that felt and adjust the situation now back to some magic.

At 5:51pm the Sun at 21:27 Aries Quincunx the North Node at 21:27 Virgo.

There is some soulful adjustment that needs to be seen as you pursue your new reality and goals. The Sun is fresh from the magical awareness of Jupiter and Uranus and now there is check to ensure that your new lifestyle modus operandi aligns with soul awareness.

Definitely a busy day that should be very insightful. You will have time to process the awareness on Monday as Mercury makes a magical, 5D aspect to Saturn.


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