Sun Sesquiquadrate Mars – Apr 13

Snapshot: A quiet day, but active as the Sun in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius make an adjustment to each other that results in an ease. This is a clarity around actions taken from a global (meaning big picture) perspective. This aspect may not jump out at you, but if you find yourself jumping (Mars/Aries) in a big way into something, that would be this aspect.

At 3:14am the Sun at 23:47 Aries Ses-Squares (Sesquiquadrates) Mars at 8:47 Sagittarius.

A Ses-Square is an adjustment aspect that leads to an ease. The Sun is providing clarity around our actions and the way we present ourselves. Mars is acting in a big way in Sagittarius. He is pursuing higher consciousness, optimistic actions and a global ideal to that creates a philosophy around his actions… acting in mindfulness.

Depending on which House you have these 2 Planets Transiting in your Natal Chart will determine the unique way this aspect will affect you. Here I write about the universal ways these aspects will affect each of us.

For example, the Sun Transiting at 23:47 Aries today is exactly Biquintile my Natal Sun at 29:39 Scorpio. This is a 5D/double-magic aspect occurring for me at the same time the Sun Ses-Squares Mars.  This Biquintile between 2 Sun energies is mostly going to make me ‘shine’ a bit more today. As Aries is my 6th House of ‘work’ by Sun Sign and my 11th House of Astrology by Rising Sign, I may receive some clarity around new ‘work’ goals (Sun) that will magically be realized for me. It could bring up some magical goals for use of other peoples’ money in the pursuit of my ‘work’. Who knows. Likely, the woman who called me on Monday will book her Reading for her and her mom today;)

Are you able to follow your own Chart well enough to know where these Planets are hitting you? If not, please leave me some comments on things you would like to have me write about.


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