Subscribe to Channel on YouTube = 30 min FREE Reading

Follow the above link to an earlier post where I linked each of the videos on my YouTube channel (5D Astrology).

To get the FREE Reading, please subscribe AND watch the videos. Then send me an email at and we will set up your Reading… via phone or Skype.

If I meet the right number of subscribers, I can then post one long video on YouTube of the entire presentation. Yes, I know, some of the videos need editing, but without your help to get more subscribers, it hardly seems worth the time;)

I’m ready to do the Readings, and am grateful for any assistance you can provide. Share this link of Facebook, too, and let’s see what happens.

It has been amazing to me that when I talk to anyone now, my ideas are not so shocking. In fact, people are ready to hear this stuff!! So, Uranus rules Astrology, philanthropy (Free Daily Posts and FREE Readings) AND what is SHAREABLE. If my writing has helped you in any way, then it should be ‘shareable’;)


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