Meet Your 5D Lifestyle – Apr 21&22

Snapshot: Thursday and Friday we are in the midst of a 5-way aspect between Venus and Uranus in Aries, Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and Mercury in Taurus. We are going to have our desires for personal freedom align with our new work/lifestyle M.O. in a very Soulful and unusual way. This will all occur around the Full Moon at 2:31 Scorpio that occurs at 1:23am on Friday morning. Here are details:

At 7:27am Mercury at 21:07 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 21:07 Aries.

A minor aspect, but one that is very helpful in moving us along our own path to freedom. Taurus energy is Fixed Earth and women… exactly why women over the years have been the ones to ‘stay home and keep the fire burning’. But Uranus is always bent on creating CHANGE. So Mercury is going to get some ideas of how to shake things up around your fixed turf in your life. Always heed Uranus and his flashes of insight… it will bring you just where you need to be and resistance is futile.

At 12:45pm Venus at 19:44 Aries Biquintiles Jupiter Retrograde at 13:44 Virgo.

Jupiter is on the degree that he will be Stationing Direct on May 10. This means his energy is causing us to focus on all our ideas now before we go into final implementation mode after May 10. Venus is ready to Conjunct Uranus on Friday dinner time so she is sitting in a 3-way aspect here to 2 of our Higher Mind energies. We can expect to have some BIG (Jupiter) CHANGES (Uranus) to our personal (Aries) desires (Venus) as she moves through these 3 degrees (19-21 Aries). Or revelations around our new lifestyle M.O. and our resources to get on our path to freedom.

At 1:41pm Mercury at 21:17 Taurus Trines the North Node at 21:17 Virgo.

Some Soulful expression around how our relating-ships and available resources can be used soulfully to operate under our new lifestyle M.O.

At 1:23am Friday morning the Moon at 2:31 Scorpio Opposes the Sun at 2:31 Taurus.

Here we have the monthly Opposition of the Moon and Sun that creates the emotional peak of a Full Moon. The Moon and Sun are in the 2 natural Money Houses: Taurus (my money) and Scorpio (your money). We will all be getting a glimpse of how we feel about these 2 areas of our lives right now. And be able to set some goals for the next monthly cycle ahead.

At 7:07am the Sun at 2:45 Taurus Biquintiles Mars Retrograde at 8:45 Sagittarius.

Some magic around our desires and our own resources and our new philosophy and motivation for life.

At 1:50pm Uranus at 21:11 Aries Quincunx the North Node at 21:11 Virgo.

Here is a big aspect that may feel subtle, but is sure to shock you to your core if you let it in. Uranus likes to activate Soul Awareness with his lightning flashes that merges 5D consciousness with your NOW. We can expect loads of revelation about how to be on your own path to freedom while serving the collective with your new lifestyle M.O.

At 4:35pm Venus at 21:10 Aries Quincunx the North Node at 21:20 Virgo.

These aspect overlap so much that it will be hard to discern the individual parts, so please DON’T TRY! Take in the big picture (Jupiter) of your new desires (Venus) to chart your own path to freedom (Uranus) as you recall you are a MERLIN (Uranus/North Node).

At 5:00pm Venus at 21:11 Aries Conjuncts Uranus at 21:11 Aries.

Here we have the climax of our big, shocking new lifestyle M.O. and our own path to freedom. We will simply SEE these 2 paths are going to work hand-in-hand to bring us into our new 5D reality.

At 7:18pm on Saturday, Mercury at 22:32 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Venus in Aries.

Here we will have the words to speak about all of the Higher Mind consciousness that our desire-mind (Venus) just went through.

Try to verbalize how you are going to LIVE now that you have revised your entire concept of ‘service’ into a new lifestyle philosophy and how you can Soulfully stay on your own path to freedom as a Merlin who understands the consciousness that creates all of this holographic reality that we SEE.



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