Clear Focus – Apr 29

Snapshot: There is just one magical aspect on Friday in the very early morning. It will bring some clarity around the area Saturn has had us FOCUSED on for a month now. What resources do you have that will support you building structures for that new focus? You could have some magical answer to this question.

As of Thursday night, we have 5 Planets Retrograde: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. That is a LOT of energy that is not functioning in its truest nature. It can be a bit disconcerting.

I was discussing this with a friend who has similar House placements as I do  to see how the energies feel to both of us. I mentioned that Mars would be pointing out some hidden motivations that we missed in our pursuit to move forward. The hidden link was easily seen as we talked more. And it just so happens that Saturn’s Retrograde is affecting most of us in the same House as Mars is so it can feel like a double-whammy if you can’t sort out the purpose of the energies.

This can be a great time for a Reading so you can get a handle on all that is going on and why it feels different right now. The best Retrograde news is that Mercury remains in orb of his Quintile (magical) aspect to Neptune as he Stations Retrograde. It is very possible, or it should be, that this Mercury Retrograde will trip us up far less than the ones we have experienced before.

And Friday, Saturday and Sunday will keep up the 5D pace of things with 3 magical aspects in 3 days!

Here is Friday’s:

At 4:16am the Sun at 9:27 Taurus Biquintiles Saturn Retrograde at 15:27 Sagittarius.

This is Saturn’s 2nd pass to this degree and minute with the 1st pass occurring on Feb 20. There may be some connection. Saturn spent all of mid-Feb to May 3 on this degree. That was a lot of FOCUS on what we are to be accountable and response-able to in this Sign and House. For all of us, the FOCUS has been around Sagittarius things: higher consciousness, resolving karma, dealing with restriction of our optimism as a way to channel our focus to what is important, foreign places and ideas, etc.

Keep in mind that Saturn is going to be moving back to Conjunct Neptune at Jun 17th for the 2nd pass. There is also something DISSOLVING in this same area of our lives, but the pressure has been off for a while as Saturn moved out of orb of Neptune. We will be getting back to the dissolving very soon.

So the Sun, from Taurus which rules our own resources, values, and self-esteem, is going to help us SEE what magic this eventual dissolution may actually hold for us. How can we be response-able (Saturn) to the larger good/global picture (Sagittarius) by setting new goals (Sun) around our personal resources (Taurus)? Or getting clear about what resources we DO have available to magically assist in the new FOCUS/philosophy we are working on.

It may all sound vague when considering this aspect without the House that is involved for you, so let me show you how it is affecting me personally:

This magical aspect actually has the Sun directly Opposite my Natal Neptune as well so there is a very personal variable for me in this aspect. But Saturn is in my 6th House by Rising Sign and my 2nd House by Sun Sign. To acquire resources (2nd House/Taurus), I usually have to serve people (6th House) expansively (Sagittarius). This usually creates some abundance for me to do so. However, Saturn has been holding my focus here to see something in a different light.

NOTE: This energy is hard to separate from the Jupiter/North Node ‘Lifestyle M.O.’ we are revising, especially for me. But we SHOULDN’T separate here perhaps at all;)

I have long upheld that I am ‘bartering’ for my room at the motel where I live… decent room, btw. But they keep saying demeaning things about how I ‘work’ for them as if I must endure their unreasonable requests for me to be available to work my hours WHENEVER they want. When I started this 2 years ago, while Saturn was in my 6th House in Scorpio, I did WAY more hours than necessary because I am used to being of service for my resources. And it was abused greatly from a ‘business’ (Scorpio) standpoint. I always figured it would work itself out in the end. But it hasn’t at ALL.

So what is the point of this entire situation? Well, the Sun should shed some magical light on the entire issue as Saturn’s Retrograde Station really kept the issue front and center.

My 2nd House in Sagittarius by Sun Sign has always provided abundantly from being of service here. But Saturn is changing something here. And it DOES dovetail with Jupiter and the North Node and our new Lifestyle in Virgo.

I used to write all Business Plans with a very EQUAL and appropriate VALUATION plan. In other words, the investor didn’t get 51% just because he put up the money… the inventor had a significant stake, the guy to devise the marketing plan had another and so on.

If we are to change our economic system (Sagittarius rules speculation of the markets), we need to start valuing (Taurus) contributions in EVERY form. Not by an HOURLY wage, but by a VALUE basis. I have always applied this rule, though investors insisted on a 51% so they actually ended up owning everything and cutting out the ‘inventor’.

NOTE: 6th House is ruled by Virgo which is the paradox of work/service. Don’t discount what I do in SERVICE (Sagittarius philosophy) as calling it merely WORK;)

Good 6th House and Virgo energies GIVE and SERVE as part of a larger whole they are supporting. We should be able to SEE the big picture of our contributions so we KNOW we are working smartly on behalf of the whole and not just ourselves.

However, if you are doing this for Baby-Boomers (who are ‘Seniors’ now and ruled by Sagittarius), you are NEVER going to see anything more than your ‘wage’ as they can not CONCEIVE of any other system.

We are HERE to BUCK that SYSTEM! In so many different ways… Sagittarius/Jupiter. Its not that these people are WRONG, they are just the OLD WAY.

The Sun and Saturn in a magical aspect should provide an opening for the new philosophy in that House in your chart to be realized.

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