Abundance Philosophy and Subconscious Clarity

Snapshot: Last night and early this morning, we had 2 aspects that should have been quite helpful for you. Magic between Mars and Venus could have been personal rather than in your relating-ships, but its magical desires and motivations. Then the Sun made a productive aspect to Neptune shedding some light on a situation that was unclear.

The details:

NOTE: While the aspects have occurred already, it is often very helpful to view things in hindsight as you are very aware of how the energies felt. So here goes.

At 5:35am Venus at 1:42 Taurus Biquintiled Mars Retrograde at 7:42 Sagittarius.

Here are male and female energies worked magically together to provide us some finances or resources to apply to our pursuit of our higher consciousness philosophy. Or a woman may have magically appeared to provide a man what his spiritual mind was showing him (right, Michael?). Or maybe you achieved some new philosophical ideas around how to live more abundantly.

In fact, this aspect hit my chart a tad earlier on Saturday morning. That is when I opened a drawer in my vanity looking for something and found $40 there that my conscious mind could never have accounted for…. its like a ‘magic drawer’ and this is not the first time it has happened. You see the whole story started when I was sending an email to 4 others that I would like to join me in working with 5D Astrology. The first one to bite was anticipated as he has loads of Aries energy and doesn’t hesitate;) When he suggested I drive to meet with him rather than to Zoom, I knew that was the Universe’s request and, while I didn’t have the resources in that moment I go, I knew that I WOULD have them at some point before hitting the road. So I followed the energies and knew it would come together.

Venus in a magical aspect is magical appearance of resources, if you allow the 5D energies to come through. We spend so much time in 3D energy worrying about having what we need. But in 5D, we can have it WHEN we need it! So move through the energies letting the solutions surface just as you need them;)

And I am so happy to tell you that Michael will be serving with me on the crazy adventure of 5D Astrology. I will help you to get to know him a bit better very soon. You will enjoy his story and we will show the Soulful process within it.

At 8:00am the Sun at 11:32 Taurus Sextiled Neptune at 11:32 Pisces.

Here is some subconscious clarity around how to obtain the resources you need… or the process that you used in the above aspect. Now, I KNOW better than to think that drawer is going to work every time… since that is the trip-up of Mercury. Things can appear ANYWHERE when you need them so don’t anticipate who, what, where, when, why or how;) Just KNOW.

The Sun in Taurus is helping us to get clear about the resources we have, how we obtain them and how to use them as we set some goals for moving forward. Neptune in Pisces is where we can trip ourselves up with old energies and ideas (aka fears). But the Sun here was showing us how to SEE a fear before we manifested it. This way we can have conscious clarity around how to practice more abundant thoughts rather than mere hoping.



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