Abundant Lifestyle Goals – May 3

Snapshot: On Tuesday, the Sun Trines Jupiter creating a very fortunate day. You can expect to see how your resources and new Lifestyle M.O. are going to work hand-in-hand. The ‘work or service’ that you do should clarify your pathway to abundance at this time.

Here are the details:

At 3:58am on Wednesday, the Sun at 13:19 Taurus Trines Jupiter Retrograde at 13:19 Virgo.

Jupiter is just minutes away from his Direct Station and really shining brightly on the issues moving you towards a new Lifestyle M.O. Since last August, we have all been working more and slaving in unnecessary ways because our old reality around a strong ‘work ethic’ of the Baby-Boomers said that we should. We knew that just working wasn’t making much sense anymore, but the work was expanding so quickly that we couldn’t easily reroute the energy into more useful directions.

But with Jupiter Retrograde, we have all been seeking to find ways out of this this over-worked scenario. This was helped by the Solar Eclipse at 18 Pisces on Mar 8. We all sensed then that there would be some ‘fresh starts’ around our work/service/duty/health life, but we couldn’t be sure exactly what they would be. But we held on knowing there would be something new up the road a bit.

And that is where the Sun in Taurus is beginning to show us some of the ‘fresh start’ of that Eclipse. In Pisces things are hidden as the old cycle dissolves and a new one begins. But it takes the Personal Planets moving through Aries to Aquarius to reveal all that that new cycle holds.

When the Sun was in Aries, we instinctively acted on the new cycle and were motivated for the change. We may have even become a bit angry that the changes we were sensing were not moving fast enough.

The Sun in Taurus moves into Fixed Earth energy and is now bringing us clarity about where the resources are for this cycle of growth. What do we have to work with, is what the Sun is shedding light on.

Both Mercury and Venus are in Taurus now so our communications and ideas as well as our desires will be aligned with the clarity of the Sun. However, Mercury is Retrograde and in review mode so he is working through his ‘alignment’ in his usual way of creating some SNAFUs for those unsuspecting people who don’t follow the stars.

As the Sun and Jupiter create expansive clarity, expansive goals for abundance, while at the same time creating a new way of living and being, we can expect some very fortunate things to come up to be SEEN on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as the Sun is in tight orb to Jupiter in a Trine.

Now a Trine can just feel easy and we don’t really get much out of it. But if you are in your Merlin Mind, you will transition this ‘ease’ into magic and make this ‘lucky’ aspect WORK (Virgo) for YOU (Sun).

Depending on the Houses where you have these 2 Planets at 11+ Taurus and Virgo, is who and what is involved and how your ‘luck’ will materialize (Sun in Taurus).

The Sun is purpose and goals. Jupiter is good fortune. Set your goals towards developing more abundance in through your new Lifestyle M.O.

Don’t be worked-over by a boss, instead, find the work you love and your abundance will flow. Get out of ‘work’ situations that are a result of the 3D reality and move into 5D abundance where you don’t have to really ‘work’ another day. Don’t over-think it, as Virgo energy can be prone to do, simply TRUST in the benevolent goodwill (Jupiter) of the Universe.


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