Adjusting our Abundant Philosophy – May 4

Snapshot: We are creating a new lifestyle philosophy (Jupiter/North Node) around our work/service/duty/health area of life (Virgo) and we are developing a philosophy of optimism and abundance (Sagittarius, where Saturn and Mars are Transiting) that supports that. And we are looking at our available resources to do that (Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus). On Wednesday, we need to make an adjustment to our abundance philosophy in order to create a Soulful ease.

The details:

At 7:35am on Wednesday, Venus at 5:30 Taurus Ses-Squares the North Node at 20:30 Virgo.

Whatever magic occurred between the Sun and Jupiter on Tuesday, you may have to make a Soulful adjustment to today to create that ‘ease’-y feeling again. Venus rules Taurus so the energy is much the same. The Ses-Square means the ease will return when an adjustment has been made. See what that adjustment is for you. It will feel very Soulful… that would be 5D and may cause you consider all aspects of what you determine to be ‘real’ about your ‘accounting’ (Virgo) practices around keeping track of what is ‘yours’ (Taurus) and what is shareable (Soulful).

In fact, I have the perfect example of Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s aspect to share with you.

On Monday, as the Sun was applying to Jupiter, I received my new passport. I let my old one expire and finally decided that I may want to travel out of country again sometime (Jupiter, long distance travel). I am very much a ‘global citizen’ in my philosophies and according to the stamps on my old passport;) So that was very cool and a milestone for me after bowing out of governmental things for so long (Transiting Pluto in Capricorn Conjunct a stellium of Planets I have there).

Then, in the evening on Monday (Sun was still applying), I received a text message from Popmoney, an online money transfer tool, apparently, that someone had sent me a payment of $700. My first thought was, of course, the philanthropy of the way I try to live. How cool. And maybe she even read my ‘Abundant Philosophy’ posts here over the last few days. I wasn’t excited, like in a 3D way. It was simply a knowing that the Universe provides in magical and surprising ways (Uranus).

NOTE: The Astrology of this all gets a bit too hard to footnote each point in my chart so I will try to be more general to give you the ‘feeling’ of what is going on for me.

So I go online (Uranus) to see the site Popmoney. And then I get a bit reflective and think I should wait and see how this new service actually works and where could the ‘fraud’ come in rather than the philanthropy. Natural, right?

See Venus, the Sun and Mercury in Taurus are in my 12th House of subconscious by Rising Sign. I have a subconscious way of acquiring money. But the 12th House is where there is illusion/deception and fears. Until we have purged them enough and understand how our subconscious actually works. Which is the very point of this latest series of Eclipses occurring across the Virgo/Pisces axis.

So, if I accept that this is the Universe, I can sign up for the payment without thought of any harm and practice gratitude for all the abundance that can be provided. I actually do hold up my end of the abundance philosophy (Venus/Jupiter/North Node) as well so there is some reciprocity (Venus/Libra) here that is unexpected (Uranus).

If I use my Mercury mind instead, which goes into the wormhole of 3D reality and imagines all the details of fraud, then I would probably report this to the bank and write an online review about how this was so fraudulent.

My Higher Mind Planets also say that I don’t need to worry that there is only one source to receive from when I need it. So I can choose either way. If I take the transfer, I must be fearless knowing it was simply the Universe and no harm could come of it. If I don’t, well, I continue as the Fool in the Tarot and live as I do each day anyway;)

By Wednesday morning, I will probably have more insight from Venus’s Ses-Square to the North Node in Virgo. Virgo is the Sign of the accountant in 3D or simply the externalization of our Higher Minds/subconscious mind in 5D. There is a Soulful thing to look at here. Abundance is NOT money. Abundance can’t be quantified (as 3D thought wants to do). It is simply a STATE of AWARENESS… a STATE of CONSCIOUSNESS… 5D!!

It isn’t about HAVING and OWNING things (Venus/Taurus loves to acquire), it is about USING things to have your experience. Like a good video game, you will find your ‘tools’ (do they call them ‘totems?’) when you need them to go through the next phase.

I live/work with a bunch of Tauruses. They HAVE to OWN everything. I am a Scorpio… the Sign that knows how to SHARE things. I always say, ‘I don’t need a boat… I have FWB… Friends with Boats;)’

If the Universe can provide anything (via my Merlin Mind that knows how to master the subconscious mind), it can come from ANYPLACE/ANYTIME. It is up to ME to recognize the Universe’s hand in it…my CONSCIOUSNESS creating it for me and NOT to go into conscious fear of everything (Mercury).

So, by tomorrow, this Soulful Adjustment aspect will create an EASE and I will know what I desire to do about it.

Virgo in 5D is simply where we will MANIFEST what we want to play with in our Higher Minds.



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