Soulful Realignment & 18 Gemini

When the Nodes of Fate Conjunct or Square one of your Natal Planets, Angles or Points, you will KNOW it. You may not know what is causing it, but you will feel this point in a very unique and powerful way.

Not much is really written about these aspects and that is probably because unless you are in Soul Awareness, you wouldn’t know much about how they really affect you.

But since Nov 11, 2015, the North Node ingressed Virgo and it has already Squared any Planet, Point or Angle that you have between the degrees of 20-29 Gemini or Sagittarius and it has Conjuncted or Opposed any Planet, Point or Angle you have at 20-29 Virgo or Pisces.

The Sign where the North Node is Transiting always signals the axis of the Eclipse cycle we are in. So, for instance, the March 8 Solar Eclipse was at 18+ Pisces. With the Eclipses AND the Nodes of Fate affecting the Pisces/Virgo axis, our main shared focus right now is on how to EXTERNALIZE (Virgo) our new collective REALITY (Pisces brings up new ideas as the old ones dissolve).

If you are leaving a strong need to leave your old 3D ‘job’ or living situation, you are reacting to the March 8 Eclipse. Most ALL of us are in the boat right now. Our new subconscious ideas for a new reality don’t jive AT ALL with the ‘accounting-in-their-favor’ and misuse of authority in our workplaces or with roommates and landlords.

This drive to leave these situations is a direct response to the Solar Eclipse. The next Solar Eclipse on Sep 1 will take this progress you are making now to another level of manifestation (Solar Eclipse is in Virgo where we externalize our subconscious ideals).

While there are volumes to be written about all of this right now, what I really wanted to share was what is coming up regarding this group of people that I ‘serve’ via Astrology.

The Transiting North Node in Virgo is in my 11th House of Astrology by Sun Sign and my 5th House (right now) by Rising Sign. Put these 3 energies together to see how I should be ‘working and serving’ right now:

At the first Solar Eclipse (Mar 20, 2015) of this series in Pisces/Virgo, I took a ‘job’ (for the first time in many years) as as ‘server’ in order to make money to build a new website.

At the 2nd Solar Eclipse of Pisces/Virgo which occurred Sep 13, 2015 at 29+ Pisces, I used the next 6 months and that money to build my website. I also created my ‘Theory of Everything’ presentation prior to March 8 as Uranus Biquintiled my Natal North Node in Virgo (11th House).

At the 3rd Solar Eclipse of Pisces/Virgo which occurred on Mar 8, 2016, I have, again, been waiting to see what will manifest in this 6 months to move things along. All of the pieces are not yet totally revealed as the Personal Planets are only in Taurus and beginning to ‘show’ us some results around our resources we can apply to the new cycle.

BUT in the middle of all of this, the Transiting North Node, beginning this month, begin to Square my Ascendant at 18 Gemini.

Interestingly, this is a point that is COMMON to most EVERYONE who seeks me out online, for a Reading, subscribes to YouTube or follows my blog.

WHICH MEANS……. there is going to be a SOULFUL FOCUS for me around my connection to each of you. I have already identified 4 others who I feel will be moving forward with me to bring more SOUL AWARENESS, via 5D Astrology, to others as a ‘service’.

My Natal North Node is in Virgo, in my 11th House of Astrology, by Sun Sign. My new lifestyle and service is tied up in this dynamic and the way I serve others.

The Transiting North Node is at 20:31 degrees today (Tuesday, May 3) and within orb of a Square to my Ascendant. But I have found these Squares to be most powerful when the North Node is on the SAME DEGREE. And MOST of you have some Planet, Point or Angle at 18 Gemini, which is why you found me here.

The North Node will sit Square to 18 Gemini from May 21 – Jun 1. I look forward to hearing from each of you how this aspect is affecting you. What are you feeling? And to see where it takes my ‘service’ and self-awareness in service to others into new Soulful directions.

The Sabian Symbol for 18+ Gemini is ‘A Large Archaic Volume reveals Traditional Wisdom.’ Hmmm…. 😉

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