Its All About the Love, Right? – May 12 & 13

Snapshot: On Thursday, we will have some clarifying awareness of some of the revisions we have been making. And on Thursday and Friday, we will be moving through a rolling 3-way aspect of ideas around money and love working harmoniously with those whose resources we share or use.

Here are the details:

At 9:44am on Thursday the Sun at 22:15 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 22:15 Aries.

While minor, with Uranus involved, the clarity we receive could feel quite huge. Uranus is out-of-the-box thinking that shakes us out of our ruts. The Sun brings clarity to our realtime. When you put these 2 together, we can clearly see what CHANGE we need to make. This change will involve your resources, finances, love and your personal path to freedom. Uranus can bring philanthropy to help your resource situation. You may have a very unexpected form of assistance be found. Or you may simply have a new goal for finding the resources you need now that you see your path to freedom so clearly.

As the above aspect exacts, we have a 3-way aspect applying from Thursday to Friday between Mercury, Venus and Pluto. There is much insight to be seen here so look for it.

At 10:45pm Mercury Retrograde at 17:20 Taurus Trines Pluto Retrograde at 17:20 Capricorn.

This is their 2nd pass of this aspect. They had their 1st Trine on Apr 17. So whatever came up then is being updated based on the fact both of them are in ‘review’ or Retrograde mode. In fact, Mercury made the last aspect to Pluto just before he Stationed Retrograde on Apr 18.

This aspect is some communication between you talking about your resources to someone you are intimate with or share/use their resources (exes, banks, inheritance, taxes, etc.). What can you clear up around the issue/s that came up on Apr 17? Or if it was around some love, intimacy or touch issue, you will use this time to easily express yourself to them.

At 3:10pm on Friday, Mercury Retrograde at 16:57 Taurus Conjuncts Venus at 16:57 Taurus.

(This means that if you have a telescope, you will see these 2 Planets close together on Thursday and Friday night!) This is some very clear expression around the state of your love union or your own resources, beauty and values.

At 10:20pm Venus at 17:20 Taurus Trines Pluto Retrograde at 17:20 Capricorn.

Now we have the real opportunity to heal any hurts that have existed between you and your ‘investors’ as well as to come up with new desires for using their resources and yours for greater intimacy and love. It is a very lovely feeling and one that bodes well for merging together tonight. Test out your desires for your new abundance lifestyle with this/these intimate partners or anyone who ‘invests’ in you;)… time, energy, love or material investment.

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