Magical Merging and Acquisition – May 13 & 14

Snapshot: With Venus and Pluto making physical and/or material harmony on Friday night, we also have some magical clarity into any subconscious things impeding that wondrous union. Then on Saturday afternoon, we have further insight into our collective unconscious woundings that impede our goals around our available resources.

Here are the details:

Remember that at 10:20pm on Friday night, Venus at 17:20 Taurus Trines Pluto Retrograde at 17:20 Capricorn.

This is harmony around love and intimacy as well your resources and the resources you share with others or others resources that you use. It is the final aspect in a 3-way of Mercury, Venus and Pluto. And as this aspect is exacting, we have some help from our subconscious to ensure things stay on track.

At 11:43pm the Sun at 23:47 Taurus Quintiles Neptune at 11:47 Pisces.

This magical/5D aspect will shine the light into areas of our subconscious that might want to impede the intimacy between Venus and Pluto and turn it into some far greater instead. Pisces is a dissolving energy and a place where things are hidden from us… our fears, our phobias, our own ways of undermining ourselves. But Pisces is also where, when we have purged our 3D and 4D fears, there is unconditional love and transcendental experiences that elevate us above the mundane reality of things. It is our imaginative mind at work on our behalf.

So you meet your Prince Charming (Pluto) and he sweeps you off your feet (Venus) and then, magically, as if out of nowhere, that jalopy you road in on becomes transformed to carry you away on a magical night of wonder and awe. Its not that anything needs to change its physical condition, but it is an inward magical shift that makes everything perfect and beautiful.

Enjoy the moment. See what you can about how you NOW feel about your own belongings and state of abundance. Magic is a feeling. Magic is a wondrous moment of Soulful realization that you can play the Merlin in your life and allow the magical energy to come through.

At 3:46pm on Saturday, the Sun at 24:26 Taurus Sextiles Chiron at 24:26 Pisces.

Here we have the clarity to be grateful for any old wounding pain as it brought us to the place where we are now. In gratitude, we enter Soul Awareness where our wounding is understood and appreciated for allowing us the experiences we have had. With this gratitude, you can more easily set new goals for ways to use your available resources to further the magic in your life and others.

Taurus is the Sign of acquisition. In 5D, though, it becomes the Sign that knows there is nothing you really need to own except for your own beautiful, magical mind that can turn anything into the gold you need at the moment.

So go merge with another and acquire a new sense of abundance.

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