Clarifying Awareness

Snapshot: On Saturday night, we can expect to have some flashes of insight that actually seem to make sense to us. Though surprising, these revelations will help us to set goals to change something about ourselves relative to our siblings or community.

At 7:36pm the Sun at 8:03 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 23:03 Aries.

Uranus brings us revelations through flashes of insight. The Sun brings us clarity. The Sun, in the Sign Mercury rules, provides some clarity around communication. So these flashes will get verbalized in ways that make sense. Hmmm… could be most anything that comes through, but it is likely to be about your personal path to freedom and how to manage that around transportation or other community or sibling-related areas of life.

Nothing too earth=shattering is likely, but any time you can get some insight or clarity, it is always a good thing.

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