Lifestyle Changes, Clarity and Magic -Jun 1&2

Snapshot: On Wednesday morning, we had some Soulful communication, thoughts or ideas around new lifestyle and our resources. On Wednesday night, we had clarity around a subconscious issue linked to our sleep cycle or some community, siblings or transportation issue. Early Thursday morning, our attraction and intimacy were creating some magical communication to start us off on our day.

Here are the details:

At 8:38am on Wednesday, Mercury at 17:59 Taurus Trined the North Node at 17:59 Virgo.

Here we were able to express how our new Soulful, lifestyle, work-ethic can create an ease with our available resources. Perhaps working less really can bring you MORE abundance?

It has been amazing over the last few weeks to see so many playing musical chairs with their jobs landing in better conditions for each of us even if we literally just traded jobs with someone. I saw that happen in 2 instances over the last week! And I don’t get out that much;) And this is a small town! But the effects of the Solar Eclipse’s ‘fresh start’ in Pisces is externalizes in Virgo areas of our lives revealing that fresh start at the same time we begin implementing our new lifestyle philosophy compliments of Jupiter in Virgo and Soulful daily routines, compliments of the North Node in Virgo.

We ARE living in NEW WAYS!!

At 10:42pm the Sun at 12:00 Gemini Squares Neptune at 12:00 Pisces.

This is clarity into our subconscious around some of our duality nature, our communications and ideas, community, siblings, neighbors situations. The Sun in Gemini is helping us to shape up some new goals in these areas, but shining light on what Neptune is dissolving in Pisces at the same time will make our goals and purpose more realistic, imaginative and effective if Neptune is dissolving some fears that may still linger there.

At 4:56am on Thursday morning, Venus at 11:01 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Retrograde at 17:01 Capricorn.

This is some double-magic energy around our own resources and those we share, between our beauty and another’s power, between our desires and another’s sexual passion and many other things. But it should at least bring you some new desires that align with any father-like or public authority’s wishes.


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