Fighting or Finding Words? – Jun 9

Snapshot: Early Thursday morning, we have the 1st of 3 exact Trines of Pluto and the North Node. Just after noon on Thursday, we have an Opposition between our communication and our motivation… fighting words, if you let it. If you use a bit more consciousness, you will find that you need to see how to prevent the Opposition. You can understand something if you look for the contrast rather than be defensive.

At 4:51am Pluto Retrograde at 16:53 Capricorn Trines the North Node at 16:53 Virgo.

I wrote a post about this just a few minutes ago. But suffice it to say, you will have help from those in authority as you move towards a new lifestyle of LIVING rather than SLAVING.

At 1:01pm Mercury at 25:50 Taurus Opposes Mars Retrograde at 25:50 Scorpio.

This can bring out some fighting words if you are not mindful. Mercury in Taurus isn’t one to speak a lot. They tend to bottle up their words and become stubborn when they don’t get their way. Mars in Scorpio is helping us to review our integrity around intimacy. Taurus just wants to touch. But let’s make sure that touch is healing and not some other expression.

The best way this aspect should play out is for you to see the contrast of Taurus and Scorpio energies and to voice what you need to in order to show you understand your friend or partner here.

Scorpios are not afraid to merge. They know that a Taurus needs some warming up with some stroking and cajoling first. So don’t let Mars get hasty and move too fast. Let your Taurus express himself first 😉

And the skies go quiet for a few days as Pluto and the North Node sit in almost an exact Trine til after midnight on Sunday (late Saturday night).

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