Pluto Trine the North Node

From Jun 9 – Jun 14, Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn will Trine the North Node in Virgo 3 times! Essentially, they will both stay on the same degree for a week granting us grace from any benefactors in our pursuit of a new lifestyle 🙂

Pluto has been Transiting Capricorn since late 2008. He is showing us the ‘shadow side’ of our government, banks and corporate structures as well as all father-like authority. Our shadow side is a misuse of authority that has been growing since Pluto’s last Transit through Capricorn, as the lead-up and start of the American Revolution. The Declaration of Independence was signed with Pluto at 27+ degrees Capricorn.

Pluto’s real purpose here is to do what he did the last time, to force us to assert our own personal sovereignty (inalienable right/natural law) from oppression. This oppression comes from our 3D/fear mind. In 5D, there is NO oppression whatsoever! You KNOW you have a Merlin Mind 🙂

The North Node Transiting in Virgo, and in Conjunction with Jupiter at the moment, has been helping us to Soulfully create a new lifestyle philosophy. Virgo, in 3D, rules the ‘workplace’ where these Pluto-types misuse us. Virgo is where we can martyr ourselves to others. Or we can choose to serve others.

Most of us feel we have been slaving for someone for years, but especially since last August when Jupiter tended to expand our workload.

This Trine with Pluto and the North Node will help us to get on with our new lifestyle of LIVING rather than dying as we work our fingers to the bones ;0

As everyone has been leaving their old jobs for a new one in the Grand Mutable Cross in the skies right now, we have all been landing in better positions with more money! Its helping us to live this new lifestyle with less worry. Things are taking a better turn as we will see more and more clearly over these next few days.

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