Shifts, Squares and Ingresses – Jun 13

Snapshot: On Monday, Venus makes 2 aspects. First, she she makes an adjustment to Mars  in the Sign of intimacy so men and women are making an adjustment to each other through some form of communication. Around dinnertime, there is an ‘ouch’ moment that will require you to apply a healing touch to the situation. Use any awareness you had on Sunday night to your advantage here.

Here are the details:

At 11:39am Venus at 24:53 Gemini Quincunx Mars Retrograde at 24:53 Scorpio.

Either an internal adjustment to your own male/female energies, or one between female and male entities. It has to do with intimacy and the sharing of resources expressed through some form of communication or touch. It can also be an adjustment between your own resources and those you share with someone.

At 5:15pm Venus at 25:10 Gemini Squares Chiron at 25:10 Pisces.

There is a subconscious challenge here to what just occurred with the intimacy aspect above. Try to find a way to work through it by reaching out and touching the person. Apologize or merely convey your empathy and understanding.

At 11:12am on Sunday, Venus at 23:38 Gemini Sextiled Uranus at 23:38 Aries.

Whatever occurred on this aspect, may have some relationship to what occurs on Monday. Use your awareness from this aspect to assist you on Monday.

NOTE: We just came through 2 exact passes of Pluto Trine the North Node in Virgo. What did you feel occur over the weekend? It had to do with someone misusing their authority or abusing their sharing of your resources around work/service/duty areas. Can you spot these aspects?

Ingressions and Stations:

At 7:30pm on Sunday night, Mercury ingressed Gemini, the Sign he rules. He will now be acting in his truest nature and expressing himself more than he did in Taurus. We can all expect to be discussing more community events and getting together with our siblings and cousins.

At 4:42pm on Monday, Neptune Stations Retrograde at 12:02 Pisces. This feels like a sea-shift that is deep and moving. We will now be reviewing events since Feb 22, when Neptune entered his Shadow at 9:14 Pisces. He will remain in Retrograde motion until Nov 20 when he returns to 9:14 Pisces and Stations Direct. If there has been any confusion or deception in events since that time, it may get cleared up a bit now.

On Friday night, we will have the 2nd of 3 Saturn Squares to Neptune which is morphing our reality. Can you feel the momentum building? With it so close to Neptune’s Station Retrograde, the sea-tide of shifting should be fairly easy to detect. Things will be dissolving and resolving through forgiveness if we allow it all to wash over us.

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