A Mixed Bag of Clarity & Awareness – Jun 14

Snapshot: Adjusted words, Clarifying awareness and an ease around your lifestyle and those you share resources with or who have some authority over you. And adjusted motivation and purpose

At 1:57am on Tuesday morning, Mercury at 1:46 Gemini Ses-Squared Pluto Retrograde at 16:46 Capricorn.

Here some expression may have caused you to adjust the way you use your power. Or you may have adjusted your expression to maintain some peace with someone who has some ‘authority’ over you. We are breaking down our old concepts of ‘authority’ as we move into 5D and the Age of Aquarius. So this adjustment was to show us some to not respond in the old ways of accepting their authority. It is always best to simply ignore someone’s misuse of authority and chalk it up to your own biofeedback from the Universe for sending out any fear in this area.

At 3:53am the Sun at 23:42 Gemini Sextiles Uranus at 23:42 Aries.

Here we had some clarifying awareness regarding our personal path to freedom and our goals within our local community, with siblings/cousins/neighbors or around transportation.

Its funny, because I woke up around that time and was on my Fire while I tried to get back to sleep. This can be hard when awareness is pouring in. I had a few new emails and one was from my YouTube channel, someone had commented on my video: 5D Astrology, the 5th Dimension Explained. They simply said, “horrible.” I thought about that for a minute. I thought how ‘3D’. Yes, I admit the video quality of my editing and artwork IS horrible. But I am always concerned with the awareness rather than the ‘neatness’ of it.

As I was doing these videos, Uranus was Biquintile my Natal North Node. Sure, I had some ideas of what I would present, but on aspect like this is simply pours into you. Like my novel, the work was a personal one for me. My Natal Chiron is in Uranian energies and so my awareness alone can often wound me and alienate me from others. So be it. I’m used to that.

But here, the Sun is in the lower mind of Mercury (3D) receiving awareness of our own freedom from Uranus in Aries. I never expect to make a big splash in any way. Real consciousness creates ripples. And those who are aware as they are receiving it (or really it is simply being confirmed to them) overlook the quality of my editing work. They can grasp (Uranus) the message (Sun in Gemini).

Don’t know if I will ever redo these videos. No aspect has given me the inclination to. We will see. But that was that aspect in my chart! Sun is in my 1st House by Rising Sign.

At 4:32pm Pluto Retrograde at 16:42 Capricorn Trines the North Node at 16:42 Virgo.

This is the final pass of these 2 and will wrap up some short-term soulful message around you and those in ‘authority’ around you. Use the Trine to move into a new way of being with them.

At 1:31am on Wednesday morning, the Sun at 24:33 Gemini Quincunx Mars Retrograde at 24:33 Scorpio.

Here we have to adjust our intimate motivations and ethics to match with our new goals in our local community. You may find yourself moving in some direction only to adjust what you are doing as you have some new clarity come through.

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