Magic & 2nd Saturn/Neptune Square – Jun 17

Snapshot: Early evening has 2 magical aspects which will bring healing words between the sexes, or other male/female energetic interactions. Then we have the 2nd exact Square of Saturn to Neptune which continues morphing our reality.

Here are the details:

At 4:05pm Mercury at 7:13 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 25:13 Pisces.

Here we have some magical words that help us through any old wounding pain. This expression will touch your Soul.

At 4:59pm Venus at 0:04 Cancer Biquintiles Mars Retrograde at 24:04 Scorpio.

Here we have some magic between the sexes around home and intimacy. Mars has us reviewing our transparency and integrity around the ways we pursue merging with others. Venus, just engrossing Cancer, is making a beautiful home for family and her ‘man’ in this aspect. Mars will respond very passionately towards any touch she initiates.

At 11:29pm Saturn Retrograde at 12:02 Sagittarius Squares Neptune Retrograde at 12:02 Pisces.

As both are now Retrograde making this is the review Square out of 3 Squares altogether. Their 1st Square occurred on Nov 26, 2015 at 7:02 degrees. And their 3rd Square will be on Sep 10, 2016.

Saturn in Sagittarius is holding us accountable and response-able to our higher consciousness philosophies. Neptune in Pisces is resetting our collective unconscious reality helping us to dissolve our 3D reality in favor of moving into more 5D and the Age of Aquarius. Neptune is helping us to birth this new 5D reality so our situations are fluid and morphing.

Saturn and Neptune are in the midst of a Grand Mutable (changeable energy) Cross involving now Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and Mercury is just beginning to fill in the 4th corner of the cross as he crosses over 12-16 Gemini. (He is at 7+ degrees Gemini today). We will have words to express how this Grand Cross (or Great Gear Shift) has been affecting us. Pay close attention to words spoken over the next few days about the big shift and change you are in the midst of. Maybe you will finally detect the ways the energies are shifting your life and align with them.

These are the 2 Karmic Planets in 3D. Saturn rules structures and control. Neptune rules endings, escapism and formlessness. The Yin and the Yang. As they work in these Squares, we need to let go of our old ideas and realize the new subconscious urges we are feeling and beginning to externalize via Virgo where the North Node and Jupiter are sitting.

Turns out, that this Square occurs just 4 minutes from an exact Square to my Natal Nodes of Fate (North Node at 11:58 Virgo) AND Square to my Natal Psyche (Soul Mind) at 12:42 Gemini. Gemini is my 8th House of intimacy, by Sun Sign. My Psyche sits Opposite my Twin Soul’s Ascendant, where Saturn is sitting, restricting our intimate (8th House) communication (Gemini). My Virgo North Node sits in my 4th House of home by Rising Sign. Neptune is Conjunct my South Node in my 10th House. Did I mention that I am moving tomorrow? From the motel, finally? Into another small apartment that I feel is rather temporary. Sep 10, is the next Square and the Aug 18 Lunar Eclipse Opposes my Natal Uranus, also in my 4th House by Rising Sign, signaling another move… ?

But with 20 moves in 30 years, I am used to it, right?… 😉

This move, however, feels less defined. Its like I am following a stream somewhere with a bend ahead not revealing very much of the path. Do you feel the same?



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