Expressing our New Lifestyle Philosophy – Jun 22

Snapshot: Wednesday is all about getting to the truth of our new lifestyle and our personal path to freedom. Mercury is in the Gemini corner of the Grand Mutable Cross telling us what all this change has been about.

Here are the details:

At 11:14am Mercury at 15:28 Gemini Squares the North Node at 15:28 Virgo.

Here we have some expression that shows us what all the recent work/living situation changes have been about and why. We can expect to hear some news from someone in our local community/siblings/cousins/neighbors categories or someone who fits the house placement where you have 15+ Gemini in your Natal Chart.

At 12:00pm Venus at 5:57 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 23:57 Aries.

Here we have some magical, unexpected attraction. Or changed desires around the home and our personal path to freedom. This can be a 5D relating-ship that materializes with a pumpkin turned to a carriage to take you on a magical evening that may never repeat itself. The person with you may just be your ‘perfect’ partner for this day and don’t expect it to last forever;) At the stroke of midnight, it can all evaporate. So be prepared to enjoy the unexpected without expectation. You could have some magical resources appear as well. Something to upgrade your home, or to help you secure more personal freedom of movement.

At 6:59pm Mercury at 16:03 Gemini Squares Jupiter at 16:03 Virgo.

Here we have the expression of what our new lifestyle philosophy is all about. We can see that we have really changed the way we view ‘work’ and our daily routine swapping up martyrdom for ‘being’ and enjoying more all that we fill our days with.

Mercury is separating some his Opposition to Saturn and Square to Neptune so his words are likely about what is ‘past’ in light of what is up ahead. There is little doubt that Mercury’s expression will be optimistic, but perhaps with a tinge of a sigh about all that has past.

At 1:39am (just after midnight) Mercury at 16:34 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Retrograde at 16:34 Capricorn.

Here we return to the pumpkin and notice that our ball gown is only a old nightie we have been meaning to throw away. Magic aside for a moment, Mercury has to adjust himself a bit to those who feel they have some authority over him. While he is set to create this new lifestyle, there are other things to keep in mind at the same time… what do you need to be mindful of? Who do you need to not antagonize as you move into your new lifestyle without fighting with anyone?

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