Landing After the Mutable Grand Cross

Whenever I receive a message from one of my very regulars asking me what is up, I know its time to get back to posting here πŸ˜‰ Thank you, Michael. It IS about priorities, but it is also so much more for me at this time.

I have missed being here, but I moved last weekend, started a 2nd job and with a sideline of doing websites for companies around here. The Mutable Grand Cross happened to hit 2 6th House placements for me (Jupiter/North Node in Virgo and Saturn in my 6th House by Rising Sign) with the Opposite placements in 12th Houses (Neptune in Pisces and Venus, Sun and Mercury in early Gemini, my 12th House by Rising Sign).

What this means is that I was externalizing (6th House/Virgo) some subconscious things (Pisces/12th House). As were we ALL. But most of us likely don’t have 2 of the 4 corners of the Square in Virgo-style areas. Virgo rules our day-to-day activities, work, service, duty, living situations, volunteering and being of service in many ways. As well as small pets as some of us have had these issues to deal with.

The Nodes of Fate (and Jupiter) in Virgo have been Squaring my ASC and now are aiming to Square my Psyche (12:42 Gemini) while Conjunct my Natal North Node at 11:58 Virgo. The 2nd Square of Saturn to Neptune (12:02 Sagittarius/Pisces) on Jun 17 was just 4 minutes from exact to my Natal Nodes of Fate (11:58 Virgo/Pisces). There is some morphing going on for sure and I am externalizes those energies. So are you!

After the Square my Psyche, which is Square my Nodes of Fate Natally, the North Node will Conjunct my North Node and then my Natal Pluto, etc.

All Geminis, Sagittarians, and those of us with Angles and Planets in these 2 Signs have been under going more change from the Mutable Grand Cross than others. This Square of energy hit 4 Signs in our charts, each with Changeable/Mutable energies. And the Grand Cross creates a Great Gear Shift that forces change in 4 areas at the same time. So we may have seen more changes than with the last Grand Cardinal Cross a few years ago.

So there are a few of you that need to call me as a follow-up so don’t hesitate. Likely best to text first and set up a good time. Just got wifi at my new place on Friday night.

I’m back in the saddle. How about you? I do have a new lifestyle philosophy. Though I’ve had the same one for many years, I am now living it differently πŸ˜‰

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