Subconscious Clarity of Home – Jul 3

Snapshot: Sunday we have some strong clarity around your subconscious and can see what it is that Neptune has been dissolving in our lives and why. Sit in this energy of seeing and soak it up, it will help you to set new goals for moving forward into the New Moon early Monday morning. Sunday evening an adjustment between your words and actions will result in an ease. That subconscious clarity will serve you well to know how to adjust.

Here are the details:

At 7:01am the Sun at 11:56 Cancer Trines Neptune at 11:56 Pisces.

Here the Sun shines the light through Neptune’s shroud of fog. You will get a rare glimpse into what Neptune has been doing. You will see that the eroding allowing for new structures to replace the old. Like Lot, don’t look back. No need to become a pillar of salt longing for your old life. It is a shell that is just waiting to collapse revealing your new reality that is coming.

The Trine here can allow you to shift easily into 5D energies and to even work with the dissolving like a true Merlin Mind would 😉

At 9:20am the Moon ingresses Cancer (the Sign the Moon rules) allowing us to align our emotional goals with the New Moon that exacts at 12:54 Cancer at 7:30am on the 4th of July. This is the Solar Return for the United States and signals a ‘fresh start’ for our conscious reality related to that identity. The US is a Cancer Sun country… ‘mom, home, apple pie’ and take your pick: Ford or Chevy, Coke or Pepsi 😉

See if you can intuit (Moon) what fresh start (New Moon) you have coming into your life this month. Align your goals with the energies as you feel them.

At 2:47pm Mercury at 8:09 Cancer Ses-Squares Mars at 23:09 Scorpio.

Here our words or actions need an adjustment that will create an ease around family/land or other peoples’ money and intimate situations. Make the adjustment and enjoy a day that really shows you the new reality around family and nurturing.

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