The Superior Conjunction – Jul 6

Snapshot: On Wednesday morning, our words will be soulful and very clarifying. As the day progresses, men and women, or our internal male/female energies, will be working harmoniously to nurture through sharing of resources or other intimate pursuits. By day’s end, our thoughts and ideas align with realtime allowing us to set realistic goals and plans.

Here are the details:

At 10:51am Mercury at 14:19 Cancer Sextiles the North Node at 14:19 Virgo.

Here our words are nurturing and soulful. There should be no separation consciousness and it will be easy to serve others as ourselves. Our words will also express our new lifestyle philosophy and the purpose of families in the context of this philosophy.

At 4:17pm Venus at 23:22 Cancer Trines Mars at 23:22 Scorpio.

Here our male/female energies or our personal interactions will be harmonious and loving. We will seek to touch and be touched in deep ways or merely playful ways. We will want to merge our resources with someone else’s. This is a great day to work through any angst between the sexes.

At 11:24pm the Sun at 15:27 Cancer Conjuncts Mercury in their Superior Conjunction.

As the midpoint of their cycle together, Mercury catches the Sun and our thoughts and ideas align perfectly with our sense of purpose and goals. What gets expressed tonight is REAL. Pay attention. It is one of only 6 days each year where our conscious mind is in sync with our reality, which the Sun shows us.

At the Inferior Conjunction on May 9, at 19:25 Taurus, we seeded some new goals that we are working to follow through with. The Superior Conjunction shows us how we are doing, sort of… much is in flux right now!

This cycle will end and a new one begin at their next Inferior Conjunction on Sep 12 at 20:38 Virgo. Just 2 days after the 3rd, and last, Square of Saturn to Neptune.

This year Mercury is Retrograding through the 3 Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. We are evaluating our foundations (Taurus) and structures (Capricorn) and the work (Virgo) we do to have both.

While many people pay great attention to Mercury’s cycle, I wouldn’t give too much attention. Why? Because in 5D we learn to rely on our Higher Minds to create magic at the right envelopes of time to be a Merlin.

Merlins would watch Mercury’s cycle without buying into most of what he says unless he is aspects appropriately by a Higher Mind Planet or Soulful point. When Mercury meets the North Node, it is powerful stuff as well.


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