Karmic Square & Unexpected Good Fortune – Jul 8 & 9

Snapshot: Friday offers healing, global perspective around family and accountability to a higher philosophy. Saturday brings 2 Higher Mind Planets into a double-magic alignment. More freedom via our new lifestyle philosophy. Venus sheds light on the Saturn/Neptune Squares.

Here are the details:

At 3:48am Venus at 25:12 Cancer Trined Chiron at 25:12 Pisces.

This is a healing energy around all Cancer areas of our lives connected to subconscious wounds from our collective past/concurrent lives and all of human experiences. Families are Karmic in nature, but can be elevated, as today provides for, to a higher space.

At 8:32am the Sun Biquintiled Saturn.

Mercury was here in this aspect to Saturn just yesterday so any words exchanged at this time are now being seen with clarity for how our global philosophy needs to magically extend to our family and the emotional roots of our hometowns.

At 2:40pm Venus at 25:24 Cancer Ses-Squares Saturn Retrograde at 10:45 Sagittarius.

Here we have an adjustment to make to our desires that take our family wants into our global philosophy. With our desires adjusted, we create an ease.

At 12:22pm (on Saturday) Venus at 26:52 Ses-Squares Neptune Retrograde at 11:52 Pisces.

Now Venus sits between both of the Karmic Planets (Saturn and Neptune) in a 135 degree aspect that requires an adjustment that results in an ease (Ses-Square). Saturn and Neptune are still in a very tight orb of their last exact Square making 25-26 degrees of Cancer a very special point at the moment. From these degrees, as Venus and then the Sun and Mercury cross here, we will have a very special look at the role of families as we move into the new morphed reality the Saturn/Neptune Squares are creating for us.

Its as if some of our structures (Saturn) in life that we are initiating right now are built on sand that is shifting beneath us. Our old ways of creating structure and order is giving way to an entirely new reality. The Mutable Grand Cross added to this morphing energy bringing CHANGE and MUTABILITY to 4 of 12 Signs (and likely more than 4 Houses) in our charts. What we see today is still going to shift. Imagine (Neptune) you are looking through a kaleidoscope and you turn the tube every day or so… you see an entirely new structure formed from the same materials. THIS is what is happening for us NOW and has been for the last 2 months or more.

As Venus makes her Ses-Square to both Saturn and Neptune in a Square, we will have an opportunity to see how the Cancer areas of our lives are being affected and morphed.

If we apply the global perspective (Sagittarius) that Saturn is holding us accountable to, we will take ‘family’ away from the limited ‘blood ties’ of the conscious mind (Mercury/3D) and bring it into the Soul Awareness of 5D and create these emotional bonds with everyone.

How will that morph our existing reality? In very big ways! As only Sagittarius would have it! And Venus making a Ses-Square to Neptune means that we will be adjusting to the morphing of the collective unconscious mind to CREATE this NEW REALITY.

This aspect may show us how family is changing, but all areas of our lives will be affected when all is said and done!!

At 4:40pm Jupiter at 18:21 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus at 24:21 Aries.

This is the last double-magic aspect between these 2 Higher Mind Planets for a while, so enjoy. There is a huge amount of awareness pouring in that can rock your world if you let it. When these 2 Planets are Trine, they create unexpected good fortune. Across the Signs of Aries and Virgo, you can expect that your actions around work can bring you unexpected good fortune.

However, as this aspect has been building, I have really been feeling the ‘discord’ of the Asteroid Eris Conjunct Uranus for the last few months. It seems that Jupiter may be expanding the amount of discord at the same time. Can it be that out of the expanded (Jupiter) discord (Eris) comes a CHANGE (Uranus) in our philosophies (Jupiter) and/or awareness (Uranus) for expanded (Jupiter) personal (Aries) freedom (Uranus) from 3D work (Virgo) environments?

Will our new lifestyle philosophy that Jupiter has had us creating since last August magically move us to act in more freeing ways? Let’s hope so!! It is TIME to change the Baby-Boomer ‘work ethic’ into something that feeds our Souls (North Node in Virgo) more effectively!!

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