Interesting 5D Conjunctions Right Now

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This morning as I sat down to my computer, I wanted to spend a minute looking at where the Planets are right now. Most of us have been so busy since last August (when Jupiter entered Virgo) that we haven’t always had time for some of our own musings of higher consciousness… which is the true expression of Jupiter.

I was also searching my Uranian mind for what awareness would have come through last night as Mercury Squared Uranus. Looking at the chart, I saw some things that Uranus wanted me to see.

Last week I wrote about the Asteroid Eris, which rules ‘discord’, Conjunct Uranus and how our awareness has been caught up into bringing out arguments and confrontation (discord+plus Aries aggression). Right now, Eris is Biquintile my Natal Sun almost exact right now. And I began to notice the 5D magical aspect kick in over the last 2 days turning some situations from low-level hostility to very magical resolution of situations.

Uranus is our god-like, revelatory mind and rarely brings out detrimental awareness. But teamed with Eris, it can be hard to see the silver lining of Uranian shock and awe. Usually his ‘shock and awe’ tactics take mundane struggles into an entirely new realm as he changes things up so quickly that we can forget what we were even struggling about. But in my Natal chart, Uranus is part of a T-Square with my Sun and Chiron that forms the hardest energies of all for me. It affects me at my very core reality (Sun) as my Sun is the apex of the T-Square.

I know that I am a change-agent. My wounding (Chiron) is in Uranian energies and I tend to stand out in new situations. Or it doesn’t take long before my Fixed Ideas (Uranus/Aquarius) rub someone the wrong way. But I have learned that this is simply the first stage of all change or ‘truth’… first it is rejected and even ridiculed, but eventually they come to accept it and adopt it. Thankfully, once it comes into their conscious mind, they forget the source of the ‘truth’ so there should be no ego worship in higher consciousness.

So last week as I am busy doing so many different ‘jobs’ I thought I would quit the one where there was some friction going on. And even confrontation. It didn’t shake me, but who needs it, right? But even as I had that thought, I was reminded that this is the first stage of changing groups of people that need a shake-up. I had 2 days off so I didn’t do anything about it.

As I returned to work over the last 2 days, the change had already made a huge impact. The confrontational people were held in check. One had even begun to make some jokes about it and we both laughed. The other avoided me and that made work so much easier 😉 But the overall affect was there. And besides really enjoying the work, I am being appreciated for my sense of ‘justice’ and ‘equality’ (Uranus/Aquarius) around sharing the workload.

My part in the change is to then just continue on… not to mention it ever again. No need to. The change was created. End of story. The discord served its purpose. Now we can all work better together and understand each other.

If you have found yourself in similar situations, it is likely this Uranus/Eris Conjunction. They are Transiting my 6th House (work, co-workers) by Sun Sign. The House where you have 23-24 Aries in will determine who you have the discord with. Try to see how you can use this energy to CHANGE things for the better. To bring about more Uranian/Aquarian ideals… equality, personal freedom, acceptance of the unusual, marching to your own drumbeat, embracing idiosyncrasies, etc.

The other 5D Conjunction right now is with Psyche (Soul Mind) Conjunct Venus at 29+ Cancer. These 2 are in an exact Trine to my Natal Sun (29 Scorpio). So I have quite a bit of energy bearing down on my Sun, but helpful energies. Mercury and the Sun are also within orb of a Trine to my Sun so this whole ‘5D Family’ idea is what I have been sharing.

Psyche has been in Cancer for several months now and has been helping us to elevate our sense of 3D Karmic ‘family’ into a Soulful perspective of ‘family.’ Whatever I have been saying about ‘family’ for the last week, or so, has been strongly influenced by Psyche in this aspect to my Sun.

But Psyche is in Cancer for all of us helping us to realize a 5D expression of the ways we view ‘family.’ Psyche Conjunct Venus (at 29 Cancer) also helps us to understand how to use our resources more ‘soulfully.’ The Soul doesn’t know limitation or lack. So step up and share where you can and you will experience the 5D of doing so.

Which brings me to one last thought:

Being a ‘server’ is a wonderful lesson in all Virgo energies and more! As a ‘server’ (formerly called waitress, but ‘server’ is gender neutral and Uranus approved ;), you are ‘valued’ (Venus) for your efforts (Virgo) right away (Sun, many Virgo Suns are ‘servers’). You have money coming in most everyday (feels like abundance and lack is removed-Jupiter in Virgo). You focus on ‘serving’ others and the best servers don’t really count their tips too closely. Its about the ‘work of serving’ that fulfills. But you will also notice that ‘servers’ are the best tippers. They tend to ‘tip’ everyone. Perhaps this Transit of Jupiter through Virgo has made us all feel like better ‘servers’, regardless of where we work,  rather than over-worked slaves for the money to pay our bills. That would be the point of it all!



5 thoughts on “Interesting 5D Conjunctions Right Now

  1. I am so grateful to have this blog coming directly to my email and would like to let you know that although I am new to Astrology I find your posts very interesting , learning from your experience and deep knowledge is something I appreciate a lot. Asking you to just make simple and clear sentences as we are living in Kuwait , our language is Arabic and the English language is just fair. Anyhow I understand all what you write and keep translating some of the heavy expressions . Many thanks to you 5d astrology , I am loving your blog.
    Thank you

    1. Salem May, I have been to Kuwait a few times when I lived in Abu Dhabi. Very grateful that you wrote today 🙂 it’s encouraging and I will be mindful to keep some things simpler. Would you like to skype sometime! I am bethbuae! I’ll bet we have an interesting 5D connection in our charts!

      1. salam to 5d, I am pleased to know you once visited Kuwait, hopefully you will come back again , we will receive you with big pleasure. I am going to ask you for a Skype reading very soon but for my daughter Tania born on 30/November/ 1980. Around 10;20min am. Beirut local time (Lebanon) she is coming to Kuwait she comes back from Toronto,Canada. Until that time I promise to have a nice reading with you. And we will be very pleased to get introduced to intellectual and Quality person like you.

        May GHORAYEB

      2. May, I am happy to do the reading for your daughter when she is back. Eclipses took me to the Middle East to live twice so maybe again, as the energies allow 🙂

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