Slow Your Mars Down – Jul 14

Snapshot: Late Wednesday night, early Thursday morning, we will have to adjust our pursuit for intimacy and use of other people’s resources against our personal motivation for greater freedom. How much are you willing to ‘give’ in order to share with someone else? How much freedom will you sacrifice?

Here are the details:

At 1:13am Mars at 24:24 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus at 24:24 Aries.

These 2 Planets often create our ‘accidents’ because Mars’ first response to awareness is to act, but that is not always the best response. Here, you would be advised to try to let the awareness sink in before you act. Your actions are likely to bind you to a greater commitment to someone else, whereas your awareness is pushing you towards more freedom. You can see how this could be trying. Both Planets have Mars energy as Uranus is in the Sign Mars rules, Aries. Acting before we think is what Mars is most common for. Heroics are the helpful side of Mars’ initiating fire.

Regardless of what happens, you will be adjusting your motivations in some way. You may recall what occurred on Jun 19 as Mars Retrograde made this same aspect to Uranus at 23:51 of their respective Signs.

Has your awareness grown enough to head off any ‘accidents’?

If you are still getting headaches, you are blocking the awareness Uranus is trying to deliver right into your Crown Chakra. Slow down and see what the awareness is. Then plan your approach to those you want to be intimate with (sharing resources is a form of intimacy).

With Mars Direct now, your motives should be clear and above board for you to get the most out of the Scorpio energies.

In a few days we will have a Full Moon that brings us just one month from the 1st of 3 Eclipses to occur in the upcoming Eclipse cycle. There will be 2 Lunar Eclipses and 1 Solar Eclipse. That means there is quite a bit of ‘ending’ energies that make way for the fresh start of the Solar Eclipse. Eclipse events can occur one month in advance of the Eclipse, so you may just get some rapid change energy to move you along SOON!

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