Magical Subconscious Desires – Jul 15&16

Snapshot: Friday noon we may experience a bit of irritation that will quickly turn to healing. The rest of the day is quiet. But Saturday and Sunday are different stories! Just after midnight on Saturday morning, we have first of 6 aspects made that day. There is a 4-way aspect between words (Mercury), desires (Venus), philosophy (Jupiter) and subconscious (Neptune). Part of this 4-way brings magical subconscious support, which we can ALL use right about now 🙂 The day wraps up with an ease around our motivations and goals around family, home and land.

Here are the details:

At 12:42pm on Friday, Venus at 4:15 Leo Semi-Squares Jupiter at 19:15 Virgo.

Most of the day is about this mild irritation of our newfound ‘girls-wanna-have-fun’ desires and our new lifestyle philosophy. It won’t be hard to heal any irritation, however, as these are the 2 Healing Planets and Jupiter is anything BUT a stick-in-the-mud himself.

At 12:40am on Saturday morning, Mercury at 4:20 Leo Semi-Squares Jupiter at 19:20 Virgo.

Here words from us or towards us will express how to manage our desires for fun and our new lifestyle to deal with overworking. It is likely we will decide that we have been working, still, a bit too much and that fun should win out over the work.

At 9:32am the Sun at 24:26 Cancer Squares Uranus at 24:26 Aries.

Here we have some much-needed revelation around balancing our goals with family and our own path to freedom. It could also have to do with the ways we nurture others and allowing them more freedom. Whatever lightning bolts you get, it is time to pay attention as it will be clarifying.

At 5:59pm Mercury at 5:45 Leo Conjuncts Venus.

Now we can express our desires to have more fun. To spend more time with our children rather than so much work. And to seek entertainment with those we love.

At 6:01pm (2 minutes later…. soooo EXACT!), Venus at 5:45 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Retrograde at 11:45 Pisces.

This is a wonderful bit of magic between our desires and our subconscious… our best subconscious desires will magically manifest. We will seek entertainment and fun without the least bit of hesitation. We will want to enjoy some casual touch and closeness without worry or fear. In fact, there will be healing around anything that has been tough for a while.

At 6:02pm Mercury at 5:45 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Retrograde at 11:45 Pisces.

We may well even voice our feelings for someone where we have been afraid to do so before now. This person may be someone we want in our new ‘life’ as this aspect occurs with both Venus and Mercury still aspecting Jupiter.

This is a very magical night where 2 of our Higher Mind Planets are aspecting 2 of our Personal Planets affecting our conscious mind and our desires. It doesn’t get much better!!

Go for all the healing that you can manage. See what you can see and know that later on this same evening, there is a Grand Water Trine forming in the heavens between the Sun in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. Feelings will flow easily and deeply. Our goals will be to merge without hesitation. What we want WANT US!

Seize the night 🙂

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