Full Moon in Capricorn – Jul 19

Snapshot: In spite of the building emotional peak of a Full Moon, Tuesday offers a lot of emotional support for increasing romance (Leo) and sexual intimacy (Scorpio). And the Full Moon will show you where you need to better balance family/work issues.

Here are the details:

At 2:27am on Tuesday morning, Mercury at 10:16 Leo Trines Saturn Retrograde at 10:16 Sagittarius.

Here are words are easily accountable to our higher consciousness as we pursue our fun and creativity. Mercury is getting ahead of the Sun now, however, and can get carried away with himself creating vanity. And paired with Sagittarian expansion, he can over-exaggerate, but Saturn will be holding him in check. So he does want to slow down his ideas enough to have them be authentic.

At 9:02am Mars at 25:33 Scorpio Quiniles the North Node 13:33 Virgo.

Here our motivations for intimacy meet with Soul-Level approval. Our actions align with a soulful sense of ‘service’ to someone or to a group. ‘Who’ is determined by your House placements. Mars’ gallant actions to merge with integrity and transparency is what the North Node will make into a magical result for him.

The remainder of the day is the build up to the Full Moon.

At 6:55pm the Moon at 27:40 Capricorn Opposes the Sun at 27:40 Cancer.

This is an emotional Full Moon that falls across the axis of ‘mom (Cancer) and dad (Capricorn)’ as well as private life/public life, family/career.

If you have been working too much (and most of us have as Jupiter began Transiting Virgo), Mars may have helped you earlier in the day to work through this issue with your significant other. But now you see exactly what YOU need to do in order to keep home and work in better balance. You see which direction you want to go in and which plans to make in order to keep things on the track of your choice.

At the Full Moon, the Sun is still in orb of the Grand Water Trine that exacted Saturday night/Sunday morning. So there is a great emotional ease going on. The Moon sits in Sextile to BOTH Mars and Chiron who are the other players in the Grand Water Trine. This will lend great stability to the entire equation of how to move forward.

Uranus, however, is Square to both the Sun and Moon as they are applying. There is some change coming into the picture that will account for more personal freedom at the same time. Or for some unusual solution to arise that will help you to better balance both ends of the home/career axis.

Mars and Uranus are still in a Quincunx with Mars, which rules Surgery, in the Sign of Scorpio. As Uranus brings up ‘unexpected’ events, I have known a couple of women who had ‘unexpected surgery’ over the last week around sexual organ areas (Scorpio, where Mars is Transiting). Surgeries are usually very helpful so it may be freeing you to have more freedom in your life.


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