Under the Full Moon in Capricorn- Jul 20

Last night’s Full Moon in Capricorn was pretty awesome. These photos are taken 100 yards apart where the Cheboygan River meets Lake Huron.

Snapshot: Thursday has only one aspect made between the Transiting Planets. You likely have Personal aspects made today, but I don’t cover those 😉 All day there will be some desire for romance, fun, creativity or involving children that you need to make a subconscious adjustment to. No ease, just adjustment. It will show up in your attitude.

Here are the details:

At 1:33pm Venus at 11:40 Leo Quincunx Neptune Retrograde at 11:40 Pisces.

Over the last year we have been learning how to create a new lifestyle compliments of Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo. Uranus in Aries has us each seeking our own paths to freedom away from the corruption that Pluto in Capricorn has been showing us around our public authorities and structures. Saturn in Sagittarius, the Sign Jupiter rules, has been holding our FOCUS to seek higher consciousness as Saturn and Neptune in Pisces dissolve and morph our legal and spiritual aspects of life.

So Venus in Leo, along with Mercury there at the moment, has each of us seeking more fun and entertainment. With all that is going on, it makes sense that she may need to adjust her old ideas of fun against a collective new reality (Neptune/Pisces) that we are realizing.

Venus just made first last double-magic (Biquintile) aspect to Neptune on her current cycle with him. That occurred on Saturday night. Now she needs to make an adjustment that allows her desires to align with our collective unconscious mind (Neptune/Pisces). It may mean that she won’t be going as wild as she can be inclined to be while in Leo. It may mean that she is also still feeling Saturn’s accountability around her activities as she is still in orb of her Trine to Saturn.

All in all, its not the easiest aspect to pinpoint as it is a deep, and often hidden, thing. But the skies are quiet otherwise. The Moon is still very full, but now in Aquarius, so this aspect should be pondered for what you can glean from it.

On another note, the Full Moon in Capricorn puts us ONE TRUE MONTH away from the 1st of 3 Eclipses in the next Eclipse cycle. Likely something happened under that Full Moon yesterday that points to the ‘endings’ and ‘rapid change’ that Lunar and Solar Eclipses bring, respectively.

Can you sense what you are ready to externalize and manifest that REALLY started at the Solar Eclipse on Mar 8 in Pisces? That ‘super-charged fresh start’ was ‘hidden’ from us and now we will be SEEING it take shape! Don’t blink!!


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