In Case You’re Falling into 3D

In the 3rd Dimension, we have ‘left the Garden’ where we were in communion with our godhead (Neptune). We are disconnected from Source and we buy into the physicality of everything. And soon comes fear and limitation.

From this point, we are always striving to return to Source again, aka the 5th Dimension and Soul Awareness. But, first, we must pass through the Karma (4th Dimension) that we created in our good/evil, dualistic mind of 3D.

Saturn and Neptune are the 2 Karmic Planets. Saturn creates structures and Neptune dissolves them. If you are going to have a relationship that can last through several cycles of Planetary energetic experiences, you need Saturn to pass through your 7th House building a relationship structure. By the time Saturn reaches your 12th House that relationship structure begins to dissolve. It can dissolve in a variety of ways: death, divorce, illness that separates or destroys the skeletal structures of the body, which Saturn also rules.

In 4D, these same 2 Planets in aspect bring us ‘returns’ of people from other-life experiences so we can work through our Karma again. This is how we ‘time-travel’ because we are instantly thrown back into the same feelings from the other life. We repeat these experiences until we can successfully resolve the Karma and move on returning to our Soul.

In 4D, we begin to resolve Karma as the 1st part of this state. Then we must also begin to develop a philosophy that takes us into 5D. This philosophy is our own belief system that is allowed by Planetary energies and is unique to us, but helps us to KNOW our Soul again. To realize that we are a Soul in a human body having an experience.

Once in 5D, we don’t judge what is in front of us as we are AWARE of the consciousness that created it. That is WHY you need to FEEL the Planets in order to maintain 5D consciousness. In need to understand the 3D to 5D consciousness shifts.

Right now, this is especially important as we are in the midst of 3 Squares of the 2 Karmic Planets to each other. A Square aspect is a typical 3D aspect, so your challenge is to use it to GROW rather than to create more Karma. Until you KNOW this Soul Awareness RETURN PROCESS, you are going to repeat Karmic patterns. You are going to feel loads of pain and agony and disenchantment.

But if you can simply shift into 5D again, it will all make perfect sense. In 3D, we lived in separation consciousness. We saw ourselves as completely separate individuals with our own bodily fluids that could cause us each ‘disease’ if shared, etc. Until you KNOW that you can NOT be separated at the Soul-Level, you will feel the pain of separation.

Until you KNOW there is no such thing as ‘Linear Time’ you will feel the pain of aging (Saturn) and dissolving (Neptune) of the body. Until you KNOW you have seen these same ‘Soul’ group players again and again throughout many lifetimes, you will fear death.

If you are trying to hold onto someone who has recently left you, you are doing the Saturn side of the Karmic relationship. If you are running from the intimacy and accountability to someone, you are doing the Neptune side of the Karmic relationship.

The pain is your choice. The agony is what we DID CHOOSE to experience so our Souls could simply FEEL these experiences. So if you are feeling pain, it is your choice and you must work through it (Chiron, is your pain and your umbilical cord to your Soul), in order to return again to 5D.

Gurus leave the ‘white light’ they can achieve in meditation because ‘perfect’ is boring. But there is an added element to the 5D, that could even be leading us to other dimensions as well, and that is the magical envelopes of ‘time’ (time is seen only as an exactness in Planetary aspects) that allow us to play in this physical energies while in Soul Awareness. At this time, this is the ultimate type of consciousness.

See if you can detach from your 3D consciousness and embrace 5D playfulness. Watch for the timing of opportunities to do this. You must learn to calculate these windows of opportunity for yourself (as I do) because there is no software available at the moment to do it for you. If you know of a programmer who could help me achieve this, please let me know. They could earn some income from making it available to people.

If you need to discuss this further, I suggest a Phone Reading. Or don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel: 5D Astrology.

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