Kingdom of Heaven is 5D Soul Awareness – Aug 3&4

Snapshot: So over the last few days we have been talking more about work, health and our new lifestyle philosophy. But we still desire more fun and romance. On Wednesday evening we will find surprising new ways to be free and expand our horizons. Thursday has us checking our new freedom against some authority.

Here are the details:

Mercury is Transiting through Virgo now and will enter his Retrograde Shadow on Aug 10. He is going over the degrees where Jupiter was expanding our work last fall and we are likely talking about all of those work-related issues.

At 8:59pm on Wednesday, Mars at 0:30 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus Retrograde at 24:30 Aries.

This is a double-magic aspect if we can FEEL it and use it. Lots of inspiring revelations on how to expand our horizons (Mars in Sagittarius) and seek greater personal freedom (Uranus in Aries) in the areas of our lives where we have these degrees. The House placements show us WHO the players are in this story. Mars is motivation and will-power and rules Aries so there is double Mars energy here. Uranus is revelation, philanthropy and the social network or acquaintances. Mars is global in his actions in Sagittarius. Uranus is granting equality to each individual who is bold enough to seek it.

This is double-fire energy as well so it is fleeting, but inspiring. Mars in Sagittarius is motivated very differently than he was in Scorpio. You may sense the change by the actions you seem to be initiating. Watch for Uranian flashes that shock and surprise you but that can shake you out of your rut of complacency. With the Biquintile, it will be magical how some changes come about.

At 1:05am on Thursday Mars at 0:34 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto Retrograde at 15:34 Capricorn.

Here your actions may meet with some irritation from an ‘authority’ figure. Do your best to side-step any confrontation as there is little to be gained by an escalation. If Mars can find the Sagittarian philosophical approach, all will go down easy. Give the Pluto entity a chance to rant while you ignore the bait.

As I have readers from around the world, this aspect could easily be someone in a passport office telling Mars there is some issue with his visa or passport. Uranus gave him the inspiration to travel a long-distance (Sagittarius), but Pluto may be saying ‘not so quickly.’

Let the energy wash over you and don’t take the bait. It will settle down in a few days and you can follow through on your revelation.

At 4:52pm the Sun at 12:53 Leo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 12:53 Virgo.

Here we have a bit of clarity on some Soul-Level lesson and how to meshes with our goals for fun, romance, children and creativity with our new lifestyle philosophy. Does our sense of fun serve ourselves and others in a soulful way? Its a minor aspect and likely a very personal story for each of us as the North Node is within orb of a T-Square with Saturn and Neptune.

This T-Square involves the North Node in Virgo, South Node Conjunct Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius Square to all of them. This pours the energy into Gemini creating some depression, if you let it. If you let the Soul-Level insight in, you will come through it by resolving duality (Gemini) that created the Karma Saturn’s Squares to Neptune have been exposing you to since last Nov.

Once the Nodes really DO exact their Square to Saturn in Sep, you have a great opportunity to recall other lifetimes so you can see the path of your Karma through them all. This would be what was meant by ‘Except a man be born again (multiple lives), he can not see the Kingdom of Heaven’ in the mythology of the Bible.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Soul-Awareness. We are moving into a great alignment to awaken to Soul-Level memory. Don’t go into depression and miss this awesome opportunity!! If you need a boost, as many of us have, simply contact me for a Phone Reading. It will help you get your vibration up!


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