Rising Above the Squares – Aug 6

Snapshot: Late Friday night we will need to make a mental adjustment to some shocking, revelations that will result in an easier time around work and health issues. Early Saturday morning, there may be a bit of Karma expression coming from us or towards us. Just be mindful and move into higher consciousness. Saturday night men and women (or our own male/female energies) will be in a stressful aspect so do your best to not take the bait.

Here are the details:

At 3:22am Mercury at 9:29 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Retrograde at 24:29 Aries.

Here our conscious mind has to adjust itself to some Higher Mind revelations. We might unexpectedly blurt out something that surprises us or others. If it causes us to change our ideas of things, then we will enter into an ease and also a new way of seeing work and health-related issues.

At 9:17am Mercury at 9:49 Virgo  Squares Saturn Retrograde at 9:49 Sagittarius.

Here our words will need to be accountable and response-able to what Saturn wants us to focus on. If we are thinking in terms of 3D/separation consciousness, there will be some backlash that may be immediate. If we express a Karmic fear, we can catch ourselves and maybe even smooth out the situation. Or we can simply let it all go as that is Karmic Resolution at its finest. Its a strong possibility that we could be talking about our care or service to an elderly person. So try to see things from a soul perspective.

At 8:20 on Saturday evening, Venus at 1:41 Virgo Squares Mars at 1:41 Sagittarius.

Here the duality of male/female energies may be seen Karmically. You could find that your desires to serve someone is thwarted by their exploring things and now slowing down enough for you to do so. Mars is off seeking adventure and distant horizons and feeling like a vacation may be in order, while your Venus is wanting to get things done that are right in front of you. Try not to enter into a 3D struggle by recognizing it as it is building. Men and women are likely to butt heads a bit tonight.

4 thoughts on “Rising Above the Squares – Aug 6

  1. Dear Beth,
    If you permit, I would like to take your opinion.
    My Son Started a high post in a job here in Kuwait, after he was in Toronto (canada) for 5years. The day he started was in June 13, the moon was waxing in Libra.is that day was auspicious? His date of birth is 3rd July 1978, at 3pm,3min Beirut (lebanon)local time and I just would like to know if the Lunar eclipse on 18th of This month might cause challenges in his career? I am recently reading about the Leo-Aquarius axis of the zodiac that cuts over his money sector as a sun sign cancer. Does this mean any changes in his financial situation, or this is wrong !
    I am Grateful to you .

    1. May, Without even looking at the chart, I would first say a few things: With the exception of Eclipses, I don’t write much about the Moon because it makes so many aspects that show us our feelings and intuition and, unless it is a major player in a Natal chart with a strong connection to a Higher Mind, I wouldn’t consider any ‘moon’ aspects to be overly helpful or hurtful. The Aug 18 Full Moon may or may not even BE an Eclipse in the scientific terms. I FEEL the Planets and choose to reserve judgment based on what it FEELS like at the time. But I FEEL Lunar Eclipses to just be ’emotional resets’ the set the stage for the ‘fresh start’ of a Solar Eclipse.
      Jun 13 was a fine day for your son to begin a new job as the Sun was Conjunct his Natal Moon in the 12th House by Sun Sign and he was clear about his feelings. We have been moving through the new beginning promised at the Mar 8 Solar Eclipse that occurred in Pisces, a hidden energy deep in the subconscious. He is likely bringing up his ‘fresh start’ that will solidify at the Solar Eclipse of Sep 1. Now, Saturn Stationed Retrograde on his Natal Neptune meaning that the Saturn Squares to Neptune have affected him very Karmically in his 2nd House of earned income by Rising Sign. But he has been through 2 passes and we won’t know the exact result of this aspect until Sep 10. Until then, we should avoid putting any 3D fear into ANY situation and simply watch while our karmic fears manifest. Once that fear no longer has a hold of us, we have resolved the Karma. I don’t do predictive astrology because it is simply a matter of someone being right and all awareness of the individual is sacrificed. What happened at the 1st 2 Squares of Saturn to Neptune? He took the job just days ahead of the 2nd exact Square. What will be, will be. Though by now he has likely passed through most of his Karmic consequence, so he should be in the resolution mode and able to move through the energies with greater ease. What has he seen from the 1st Square on Nov 26, 2015 through Jun 13? That is what he needs to resolve and let go of so all can go well. The Lunar Eclipse is likely to be difficult for him. The Sun will be Conjunct his Natal Saturn in his 2nd House by Sun Sign, but he will see how things are progressing for him. The Solar Eclipse will be Conjunct his Natal Mars (10;52 Virgo) in his 10th House of career and public reputation by Rising Sign and has been forming a T-Square of energy with his Natal Neptune, where Saturn was Conjunct, and Opposite Transiting Neptune in Pisces. This has poured the energy into his 12th House by Sun Sign and 8th House by Rising Sign. What has the Mutable Grand Cross brought up for him around the June time frame? He should be fine if he can FEEL where the energy is taking him and navigate it with awareness.

  2. Hello Beth,
    I am very Grateful to you,and so many thanks for your generousity, we hope all will be well with him in his new career, as he waited for long to get such a good opertunity . When he settles well in this country and in his new job I will let him have a prolonged reading with you. I wish you all the goodness and the best of luck in your career.
    Many thanks to you Beth.


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