Clarifying Soul-Awareness – Aug 9&10

Snapshot: From Tuesday night to noon on Wednesday, both the Uranus and the Sun aspect Chiron Retrograde in Pisces. There is some revelation and clarity around our collective subconscious wounding, known as the human condition.

We have a 3-way aspect over the next 2 days:

At 5:30pm on Tuesday, Uranus Retrograde at 24:26 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron Retrograde at 24:26 Pisces.

Both Uranus and Chiron are very important points in 5D consciousness. Uranus brings us god-like revelation that can shake us out of any 3D mindsets and Chiron is the pain that causes us to return to Soul-Awareness/5D. Though this is a minor aspect, it can be very helpful. When Uranus was Transiting through Pisces from 5-12 years ago, he was bringing up old subconscious issues to be addressed. Chiron in Pisces is helping us to move through the final stages of addressing Soul-Level woundings as we move to consciousness that eases the pain or negates it.

Uranus in Aries has now been giving each individual awareness of their personal path to freedom that will lead each of us more solidly into 5D and the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Revelation.

If you can spot some Soul Awareness on Tuesday, it will help you manage any 3D Karmic issues that have been rising up for you to see.

At 11:48am on Wednesday, the Sun at 18:26 Leo Biquintiles Chiron Retrograde at 24:26 Pisces.

Here we can see ways to show compassion and love (Leo) around us that magically ease any old woundings we might have been feeling recently. The Sun can show us how we are leaving our woundings behind as we move into more Soulful understanding. Practicing gratitude is the best way to manage Sun/Chiron aspects and the results will be magical/5D!! You can enter into your Merlin Mind and understand how you ARE the god of your consciousness and conscious reality.

Leo is playful and romantic and today you could find yourself effortlessly pursuing both without restraint! Creative ideas can magically surface and you could be thankful for the endings of some aspects of your lives once they are viewed through 5D consciousness and Soul-Awareness.

We NEED this!! So pay attention! Over the last 3 days I have received several urgent phone calls from clients dealing with some ‘karmic fears’ as Mercury was in the T-Square with Saturn and Neptune. The trick was to simply ‘see’ the fear manifest and let go of the fear. Most of them were able to do that. The police were involved in a few situations, but that is simply old karmic fear. Someone else got a marriage proposal after some karmic difficulties nearly derailed everything. Others took off on a road trip to get away from their stressful work situations. I have a young follower (‘stalker-type’) of this post via Facebook that has been following my every move and sending pictures of me at various locations to friends on snapchat. Weird… but karmic. I don’t really feel any fear about it and haven’t really taken the time to review her chart as I don’t want to focus on any of it as that simply escalates the situation. If she reads this, perhaps she will see that it has no affect on me and finally get a life of her own;) She wants attention, as many do when the Planets move through Leo. My Aquarian Midheaven can certainly attract some unusual things or cause people to view my in curious ways! LOL

For the most part, everyone is better realizing how Karma and the subconscious works. That is a very helpful thing to understand. This 3-way aspect should enhance that considerably and move us along to let go of any 3D situations.

Practice gratitude.



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