Venus Opposite Neptune – Aug 14

Snapshot: On Sunday we could feel some subconscious unease around our desires, or lack clarity or some aspect of our resources. See what you can and let it wash over you. The trick is not to go into separation consciousness about it all.

At 1:03pm Venus at 11:08 Virgo Opposes Neptune Retrograde at 11:08 Pisces.

This is the 2nd half of Venus being in a T-Square of energy with Saturn and Neptune. The 1st half exacted yesterday and those details are below. As Venus meets Neptune on Monday, she has already gotten some accountable focus from Saturn to resolve some Karma.

This is a contrast, or hard/3D aspect between our desires and subconscious issues, or fears, around them. It is also a great opportunity to purge your subconscious of some fears by understanding how you ‘feel’ when this aspect exacts and then mindfully/consciously releasing it.

In a 3D aspect, Venus and Neptune manifest things like STDs as that is the body’s way of raising a red-flag that you don’t ‘trust’ this person. Buried in your subconscious is some Karma between you that you need to address and let go of, aka resolve. STDs aren’t real… they are FEAR… false evidence appearing real.

If you get uncomfortable around someone you have been desiring, this is that aspect. See it and shift it into no fear. Or simply let it go. There is a common response to this fear to ‘avoid’ the person. Which creates the Karmic consequence of ‘separation consciousness.’

In Soul Awareness you realize this is a fear of yours and it is all internal to you and if you lose the fear through awareness, you won’t need to avoid them at all. Let them approach you and then relax as things play out.

This aspect can also create some confusion around your resources. You may have a sense of uncertainty about something you spent money on and have a few regrets. Recognize that this is a 3D fear of limitation and let the fear go. Our Universe is infinite and can’t be limited to what we SEE.

There were 5 aspects on Saturday that I didn’t have time to write about! Aspects like these can keep you pretty busy so that you run out of time for your usual routine. Here they are. See if you can recall feeling any of them:

At 3:33am on Saturday morning, Venus at 9:25 Virgo Ses-Squared Uranus Retrograde at 24:25 Aries.

This is adjustment to our unusual desires that brings an ease. Unusual desires… unexpected attraction… unexpected resources… awkward beauty… revelations of love

At 5:02am Jupiter at 24:25 Virgo Quincunx Uranus Retrograde at 24:25 Aries.

This can bring up some adjustments to our lifestyle philosophy that leads us to greater freedom or revelations of greater abundance. There is an adjustment so its not all that easy. But this is the 3rd and final pass of this aspect that adjusts our new lifestyle philosophy versus our personal path to freedom.

At 10:27am Mercury at 18:25 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus at 24:25 Aries.

This magical aspect completes a 4-way aspect to Uranus that occurred through the night and morning on Saturday. This is 3 ways of looking at the awareness Uranus has been bringing to each of us as we pursue our own awakening into 5D.

Mercury and Uranus in double-magic aspect means that Mercury can not block out the god-like revelations of Uranus which seeks to change us through awareness. The magic means that the revelation was easily received and created a magical situation that lasted through the early afternoon.

At 10:31am Venus at 9:47 Virgo Squared Saturn Retrograde at 9:47 Sagittarius.

This is the first half of Venus entering into the Karmic T-Square with the 2 Karmic Planets: Saturn and  Neptune. On Monday she will Oppose Neptune. Here we may have found it a challenge to be optimistic or to feel some fear around our beauty. Venus in the T-Square will show us how our desires are morphing as we externalize the results of the Saturn/Neptune Squares in Virgo areas.

At 1:16pm the Sun at 21:22 Leo Biquintiled Pluto Retrograde at 15:22 Capricorn.

Here we had some double-magic clarity around our fun and those we share resources with or are intimate with. Authorities were in favor of our fun and magically adding to our sense of fun and romance. I had a great afternoon as Pluto is within minutes of an exact Conjunction to my Natal Saturn in my 8th House of intimacy by Rising Sign and 3rd House of local community by Sun Sign. I was at a party (Leo) of many people from the local community (3rd House) who I wanted to get to know better!! And my Twin Soul was playing the music there… Venus in the T-Square.


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