Motivations in the Square – Aug 23&24

Snapshot: Early Tuesday morning (EST), we have to make an adjustment to our motivations that will result in an ease as we pursue our personal path to freedom.

At 3:14am Mars at 9:16 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus Retrograde at 24:16 Aries.

Mars is in pursuit of philosophical, big pictures perspectives while Uranus is giving each individual the awareness to find greater personal freedom. Mars in Sagittarius is thinking globally while Uranus in Aries is thinking individually within the confines of the social network. Uranus wants equality and Mars wants inclusion. There is likely to be a slight adjustment as you find ways to achieve both ideals. This will bring an ease.

All day on Tuesday, Mars is nearing his meeting with Saturn. We are being held accountable to the big picture and can even be initiating structures (Saturn’s energy) to put philosophies into physical and concrete practice.

At 7:26am on Wednesday, Mars at 9:53 Sagittarius Conjuncts Saturn at 9:53 Sagittarius.

Here we have our ‘go’ energy meeting our ‘stop’ energy. Mars likes to move forward without much thought. It is just the physical act of moving that Mars enjoys most. Saturn, however, often feels likes restriction in 3D, but as you move into higher consciousness (Sagittarius energy), you begin to see that Saturn is merely channeling our energy into a single point of focus.

The House where you have 9:53 Sagittarius determines the WHO of your focus and efforts. For me, Saturn is in my 2nd House of earned income by Sun Sign. I have been acquiring some things that I would not have considered over the last 10 years. They are not big things, mind you, but ‘things.’ 9:53 Sagittarius is also in my 6th House of work by Rising Sign. As you may know, I started work as an ‘Internet Advisor’ to a car dealership. Kind of love the work though I am sitting more than I would like  (Saturn) so I try to keep moving (Mars).

Saturn’s 29+ year cycle puts new structures in our lives based on the House where we have Saturn Transiting. When Saturn enters the 12th House, the old structures dissolve making room for the rebuilding again. Saturn will cross my 7th House of partnership on Dec 4. I might finally consider a more solid ‘relating-ship.’ Who knows?

This is how Saturn works. When we realize the cycle of building structures from the 1st of of the body through acquisition through local community through creativity and so on, we can prepare ourselves to focus on what Saturn is doing without resisting him.

After Conjuncting Saturn, Mars will be applying to a Square to Neptune. Our motivations will begin to show us what dissolving has been going on from the Saturn Squares to Neptune. If you are following out-moded actions, this may come up at the Ses-Square on Tuesday. Use this awareness to guide you through the aspects of the next few days.

The Sun has now crossed into Virgo and the ‘fresh start’ energy is beginning to build. We are only a week away from the Solar Eclipse by the time Thursday gets here. Many of us have already changed jobs and living situations. This will continue through this Eclipse wormhole and into the next Eclipse cycle. But the intense period of RAPID CHANGE is upon us. Hang on!

Both the Sun and Moon will fill in the 3rd corner of a T-Square with Saturn and Neptune making this a very powerful FRESH START Eclipse that will bring us new structures eventually after Saturn and Neptune finish their dissolving and morphing of our reality following their 3rd Square on Sep 10.

There is much going on over the next 3 weeks especially. I will do my best to keep writing as I can find the energies to do so 😉


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