Soulful Desires & More – Aug 24&25

Snapshot: Wednesday night and Thursday morning will bring up very Soulful desires and Soul-Awareness. There is some healing if you need it.

At 10:12pm on Wednesday night, Venus at 23:53 Virgo Opposes Chiron Retrograde at 23:53 Pisces.

Now Venus is nearing a Conjunction with Jupiter and so this 3-way aspect spanning from Wednesday night to Thursday morning is very well supported with Higher Mind Planets and Soul’s Umbilical Cord (Chiron).

As Venus Opposes Chiron there may be a bit of pain, but it can quickly turn into healing through touch. Reach out and touch someone, serve them and dote on them and forgive yourself and them. Venus in Virgo desires to serve others. This is the perfect opportunity to do that. Here you may be able to see that anyone who has hurt has actually done so for the purpose of reawakening your Soul memory. Thank you. Use gratitude and wash and massage their feet (Venus rules massage, Pisces rules feet and Virgo rules hygiene!), which would be a great use of this energy 😉

At 5:08am on Thursday, Venus at 24:14 Virgo Quincunx Uranus Retrograde at 24:14 Aries.

Here is where you will get a jolt out of the blue that takes out of any 3D desires and helps you to discover 5D Awareness instead. If you suddenly found yourself serving someone too much in your need to heal, Uranus will set you freedom with the right Soulful inspiration. You don’t HAVE to do, do, do for anyone. Do what you WANT to do and no more. You are under NO OBLIGATION to serve others… do it only from the joy of your own heart. Once you leave the joy of it, STOP! That would Uranus causing you to adjust yourself to real 5D awareness.

And so Venus is now on her way to meeting Jupiter on Saturday morning and she is ready to present to him her new lifestyle desires to ensure they meet with Jupiter’s big picture, philosophy. Gone are the days of working for the sake of it… the old Virgo energy. We are now FREE (Uranus) to choose when and how much we serve. It has to benefit the whole. We must be able to see how we fit into the big picture so we don’t become stupid slaves anymore.

At 6:31am Mercury at 27:54 Virgo Quintiles Saturn at 9:54 Sagittarius.

Here are words will be magically accountable to a big picture perspective and the new structures we wish to initiate for the good of all. Mercury only makes one more aspect before he Retrogrades so this one to Saturn is a bit of deal. Here Mercury can show us some of what has been going on between Saturn and Neptune over the last 2 Squares. You will be able to express some aspect of the objective Saturn has had you focusing so intently on since Jan.

Another perspective of the Saturn/Neptune Squares will be revealed early Friday morning as Mars exacts his Square to Neptune while still in orb to his Conjunction with Saturn. Here our motivations will reveal some of the structures that have been dissolving and morphing.


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