Desires and Fateful Motivations – Aug 27-29

Snapshot: Intensity of the Solar Eclipse is building… RAPID CHANGE is in the air. We are getting deeper in the Eclipse wormhole. But Saturday night thru Sunday morning has some expansive good fortune and magic in store.

At 6:29pm Venus at 27:22 Virgo Conjuncts Jupiter at 27:22 Virgo.

Here we have expansive beauty, financial good fortune, philosophical values, higher consciousness desires, foreign women, optimistic desires, and more. As both are in Virgo, we can expect to see some of our subconscious desires manifest themselves.

Jupiter is nearing his exit of Virgo so we are wrapping up our new lifestyle philosophy that is replacing the Baby-Boomer ‘work ethic’ that Virgo in 3D was all about. Venus is moving to catch Mercury on Monday on the Anaretic (critical) degree of Virgo. We will be voicing our new lifestyle philosophy and new desires around it. Once Venus catches Mercury, he will do his Retrograde Station and revise some of his own words over the next 3 weeks.

So much is in flux. And that’s not the half of it! We have one Square left of Saturn to Neptune the same day Jupiter ingresses Libra. We will have the Nodes of Fate keeping the T-Square energy in play between the North Node, Saturn, Neptune and the South Node Conjunct Neptune.

But the rest of the good news for late Saturday night, early Sunday morning is a bit of magic that should feel so good.

At 6:11am on Sunday, Venus at 27:58 Virgo Quintiles Saturn at 9:58 Sagittarius.

These 2 in aspect can restrict attraction and keep us accountable to conservative desires, especially in Virgo. But with the magical aspect, we will find it easier to pursue desires and to enjoy them… for the most part.

Early Monday, Mercury at 29:00 Virgo Conjuncts Venus at 29:00 Virgo.

Here we have some expression that will show us our desires for our new lifestyle philosophy and how we are desiring to serve others. Watch what gets expressed, maybe even in dreams, that shows you how you feel about your ‘work’ and service to others.

At 3:18pm on Monday, Mars at 12:44 Sagittarius Squares the North Node at 12:44 Virgo.

Here Mars (often ‘men’) are in a Karmic aspect to the Nodes of Fate (North and South Nodes). I was already feeling this on Saturday night. What do you want to see manifest between yourself and ‘men’ in your life that are Karmic/other-life players? Mars is in the T-Square with Saturn and Neptune still as well. This is a very interesting aspect as it shows us ‘men’ or our own male energy (drive, motivation, pursuit) around the areas that are morphing in our lives as we near the Solar Eclipse.

There is much going on, so see what is occurring for you around men in your life at this time.

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