Mercury is Retrograde! Aug 30

At 9:04am this morning, Mercury at 29:05 Virgo Stationed Retrograde. Keep your eye on your Higher Mind Planets and his ‘revisions’ won’t throw you so far off course.

The rest of the day we have a wonderful, magical aspect building!

At 11:43pm, Jupiter at 28:02 Virgo Quintiles Saturn at 10:02 Sagittarius.

There is a lot of expansive magic available here. Jupiter rules Saturn in Sagittarius and so the optimism is there at both ends. Jupiter is wrapping up our new lifestyle philosophy so we can begin to ‘work and serve’ others more effectively. Saturn has been holding us accountable to our philosophical ideals and seeing the big picture as we pursue more structures around our higher consciousness areas of life. The magic means that our overall good fortune and goodwill will jive very well with our new lifestyle philosophy.

We are thinking more global in all of our endeavors and bringing in new perspectives that bridge any gaps in our thinking.

You will find it very easy to day to deal with mentors and seniors and everyone you work with. Watch though as some may be leaving their jobs behind as they pursue new ideals and new horizons that the Eclipse will be bringing to our shores over the next 6 months. But the Rapid Change is slated to begin in earnest after Thursday morning’s Solar Eclipse that occurs at 9:21 Virgo at 5:03am!!

Let Mercury turn back, it is best to keep your perspectives moving ahead with Higher Mind energies.



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