Venus Goes Deep & We Get Grateful -Sep12&13

Snapshot: All Saturday night we had some challenges between our desires for relating and someone who merely wants to misuse their power over us. By Sunday night, our desires get a double-magic boost from deep in our subconscious.

At 3:47am on Sunday morning Venus at 14:59 Libra Squared Pluto Retrograde at 14:59 Capricorn.

Here our desires were likely held in check by someone in ‘authority’ over us and who may be misusing their authority. We may have wanted to ‘relate’ more but they may have wanted you to go very deeply into some intimate merging.

At 6:47am on Monday morning, Venus at 16:22 Libra Biquintiles Neptune Retrograde at 16:22 Pisces.

Here we will have some surreal-feeling support coming to us around our desires to ‘relate’ or to be close friends before we are ‘lovers’, as Pluto may have been pressuring/manipulating you to do. Or it may come up around reciprocity in the way you use your resources with a ‘partner’ or close friend. You have no subconscious fear to mess things up. In fact, desires regarding touch, love and use of your own resources will be magically realized.

These 2 will be applying to most of Sunday night offering us a great chance to relate other others… especially the types of people shown by the Houses you have at 16+ Libra/Pisces.

At 2:58pm on Monday Mercury Retrograde at 20:49 Virgo Squares Mars at 20:49 Sagittarius.

Here you could find you motivated to speak to someone, but it can result in some anger rather than what you might have been expecting. You could be in a rush driving and get into some road-rage if you are not mindful. Mercury is Retrograde and the hurrier you go today could be the behinder you get type of result.

Avoid any Karmic reaction by trying use the higher consciousness of Sagittarius rather than the conscious, lying mind of Mercury when he is unplugged from higher consciousness.

Tensions can be building as we near the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that occurs on Friday. The Eclipse exacts at 3:05pm on Friday afternoon. But the Moon will ingress Pisces around 10:445pm on Wednesday night bringing us the energy of the Opposition. And for most of Friday’s workday (EST time), we will have the Moon Conjunct Chiron applying to Oppose the Sun. The Sun will exact an Opposition to Chiron at 4:27am on Thursday. Putting us in the Lunar Eclipse energy for roughly 30 hours ahead of the Eclipse.

Remember that the 5D response to Chiron and the Sun is GRATITUDE for the place you find yourself in today. The Sun is in Virgo where we EXTERNALIZE our subconscious (Pisces) reality (Sun). Where you are and what you are doing are Virgo energies. You are here for a reason at this time and space to SEE something about your subconscious mind, the godhead mind where we are ALL ONE.

The Sun will be showing you the WHAT, the Moon will be showing you your FEELINGS about it all and Chiron will be there to help you see it all through a Soulful lens.

The response to Chiron in 3D is pain. In 4D you try to avoid the pain by resolving some Karma. In 5D you are merely GRATEFUL as you SEE all of the reasons for WHY THINGS are the WAY THEY ARE. And acceptance is there to let the energies move through you without a Karmic knee-jerk reaction.

On Lunar Eclipses, we will SEE what is being ECLIPSED from our lives: some old job, some old routine, some old martyrdom of obligation or someone who has served us and we have some new understanding that allows us to reset some emotions to the situation.

Nothing is REAL except for consciousness. The physical reality of Virgo is MERELY a holographic representation of what lies in our collective subconscious mind (Pisces/Neptune) and applying Soul-Awareness to it all (Chiron and 5D) we can enjoy the experience for all pain/agony, wonderment/joy that it brings us.



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