Motivational Awareness – Sep 17

Snapshot: The Lunar Eclipse has passed, but likely the effects are just sinking in. Early Saturday morning, we will have some ease between our motivations for the good of all and our personal path to freedom. But noon on Saturday, we may need to apply a healing touch to some relating-ship.

NOTE: About 10:10am on Friday you have had a peak of emotional pain as the Moon crossed over Chiron. I did! It was rather fast, but strong as the Moon moved through the corner of the T-Square towards the Eclipse.

At 3:04am on Saturday morning, Mars at 23:36 Sagittarius Trines Uranus Retrograde at 23:36 Aries.

Here our motivations will bring us some helpful awareness or an ease around what we find ourselves doing. We can have flashes of insight and that could motivate us to pursue things for the good of all rather than ourselves alone. Or someone else may use some higher consciousness motivation to assist you on your way to greater freedom and awareness. An ease is simply that, but if you sense the energy building and USE IT, you can transition from some old 3D energy into 5D. So take advantage. A Trine unused is an opportunity lost, especially when Uranus is involved. You want to get the maximum awareness that you can.

At 1:35pm Venus at 22:49 Libra Quincunx Chiron Retrograde at 22:49 Pisces.

Here some reciprocal touch can bring some healing. There is an adjustment, too, so if you have found that you haven’t been touching someone that you should be, then now is a great time to do it. You can go a long ways towards adjusting the way you relate. Take the chance to feel the Soulfulness of what you are doing and you will find yourself doing it more often.

Regarding the Eclipse, there has been quite a few of you reacting strongly to the Full Moon energy. That tends to happen more often when one of the Angular Houses are involved: 1st House (Ascendant, self), 4th House (Imum Coli, mom), 7th House (Descendant, partnership), 10th House (Midheaven, career).

When the Moon was Conjunct Chiron this morning, the Moon and Chiron are Transiting my 10th House. That places the Sun in my 4th House of mom. Mars is in my 7th House of close friends and partnerships. So I had 4 Angular Houses affected by this Eclipse. Here is what happened:

My mom text me yesterday that she was coming down to the shop to have her car looked at, or something like that. I didn’t think to make a Service appt for her thinking it was her computer system she wanted to learn more about. As the Moon exacted the Conjunction with Chiron, my mom showed up at work. I was on the phone with Google about an AdWord campaign I started a few days ago. I had to finish that phone call before I could talk to her. Meantime, one of the sales reps went out to her car and I kept making the changes online. When I was finally off the phone, I learned that she had an issue with her seatbelt on a car she bought just a few weeks ago from the dealership. The Service Mgr set her up an appt for Monday to come back down an hour trip each way so they could take 10 min to look it and determine which part to order. Then she would need to return for the repair. The Moon Conjunct Chiron in the 10th House is the House of ‘authority’ figures. I was NOT pleased. And surprised at my emotional response. I kept it largely to myself, but I FELT it, right. In awareness, I managed it, but the ‘safety’ of my mom was an old instinctual reflex that had me upset with some of the people I work with (Virgo). The Sales Manager went on vacation yesterday and he would NOT have let her leave to wait until Monday, but the other guy would NOT be thrown off schedule (also Virgo energy). It passed quickly, my mom was not upset, but I felt a rush of disappointment from a team I really like that they would not help my mom at that time. My Soul knows better 😉 Its all good, but we STILL can feel these energies from time-to-time. I was also wishing my mom would have been more descriptive in what she wanted or would have text me that she was close. Does this ALL sound familiar? This IS how the energies PLAY OUT! Its just that simple. Watch it and you’ll see its all just what the Planets do. LOL! Certainly not traumatic, but still evoked an emotional response!

These energies can bring up old feelings, especially when aspecting Chiron, and help us really to SEE them and release them. So let it ALL GO!!! THAT is the PURPOSE of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.


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