Best ‘Date Night’ of the Year-Sep25&26

Snapshot: On Sunday night, we have magical intimate desires. As well the build-up to one the most fortunate days of the year on Sunday/Monday. Around noon on Monday, there is a shift in the energy of misuse of authority.

At 8:27pm Venus at 2:56 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto Retrograde at 14:56 Capricorn.

This is Pluto’s last aspect before his Direct Station at 11:01am on Monday. Here we have the 2 Planets that, when merged in aspect, bring our relating-ships into the intimacy and sharing realm. The magical aspect means that Sunday night may well be the most fortunate ‘date night’ of the year! As the Sun is applying to Conjunct Jupiter in Libra, the Sign Venus rules. Venus in Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars so relating and intimacy is getting a BIG BOOST tonight!

It could also be a great night for sealing a business deal or entering into a business partnership with an investor. There will be extra resources for you in the mix;)

As for merely communicating, it will be mostly a hands-on kind of night with magical ideas (Libra is an Air Sign) thrown in, too.

At 3:00am on Monday, the Sun at 3:37 Libra Conjuncts Jupiter at 3:37 Libra.

Here we have the most fortunate night for getting clear about 5D-relating-ships… basically, the no-expectation kind of relationship. Libra rules relationships and marriage in 3D/Baby-Boomer mode. But Jupiter brings higher consciousness to the picture and allows us to be more global in our ideas of relating. We may be able to relate to people we didn’t think was possible before. The Sun provides clarity on what Jupiter is going to be teaching us over the next year as he develops our new relating-ship philosophy.

Put these 2 above aspects together and the magical results can be quite profound. It will take you a long way into developing relating as deep intimate sort of practice. There is reciprocity (Venus and Libra) in your intimacy tonight. So remember how to do that type of thing and you will fly through this year of Jupiter’s training of global relating.

At 11:01am on Monday, Pluto Stations Direct at 14:56 Capricorn.

Here his energy takes an upswing as he is in a stronger position in Direct motion. He is still in orb of a magical aspect to Venus and this may soften the blow of anyone who tries to misuse their authority this morning. But Pluto Direct means there are new lessons up ahead as he clears his shadow in late December and we enter new territory.

At 11:35am Venus at 3:42 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 3:42 Libra.

Here we have the final wrap-up of our magical relating-ship lessons of the last 24 hours or so. Venus and Jupiter create a wonderful refined approach to moving forward with this person/s in a non-expectational way. We can easily manage the sharing of resources and our own use of resources as we relate in any business or partnership deals.

Over the next year we have an expanded opportunity to relate to others in very healing ways (Venus and Jupiter are Healing Planets). Venus rules Libra and Jupiter is Transiting there. What a marvelous year to RELATE!!

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  1. Beth I am getting better at following what you say as a guide to my days and actions. Hope you are doing well. Been interesting following your Career. Bill

    1. Bill, ur career sounds more exciting! But I am getting they pluto’s wrecking ball energy finally 🙂 tho it has been a hell of a thrilling ride at times, as u know!

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