Magical, Revelations Get Expressed-Sep27

Snapshot: Around noon on Tuesday we can expect to have some revelations pouring through and we may speak them out before we even realize it. Or they could come to us from someone else. Late afternoon will bring us some clarity around our relating-ships and intimate desires.

About 4:00am on Tuesday morning, Mars ingresses Capricorn and our motivations go from Mutable (changeable) Fire to Cardinal (initiating) Earth. We will take actions to put structures in place to support the area of our lives where we have Capricorn in our charts by House. Mars in Jupiter is all about philosophical reasons to act while Mars in Capricorn is about providing for those ideals to be implemented in concrete ways.

At 12:45pm Mercury at 17:13 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Retrograde at 17:13 Aries.

Here we have the 3rd Biquintile (double-magic) aspect from Mercury in Virgo to Uranus. The first 2 passes were: Aug 13 and Sep 15. Now that Mercury is Direct this is likely the final word on their magical revelations. It will, no doubt, have something to do about ways to leverage your ‘service or work’ environments (Virgo) to grant you greater personal freedom (Uranus in Aries).

While the words could simply come tumbling out, the magic will make its shocking nature seem to be exactly what was necessary for the occasion and even surprise you as to how magical it all is.

If you can connect the dots of the 3 aspects, you will begin to see how the Universe has all things in hand and you are really just having an experience.

At 3:14pm the Sun at 5:06 Libra Semi-Sextiles Venus at 5:06 Scorpio.

Here we have some productive clarity around how to better merge our ‘relating’ with our ‘intimacy’. We may see how to be more reciprocal in our sharing of ourselves and our own resources with those we want to be close to. Fairness is all apart of the relating AND the sharing. And we can get a glimpse of how to do that today.

Somewhere between Tuesday and Oct 8, Saturn will be Squaring BOTH the True North Node and the Mean North Node. While I won’t get into a lengthy explanation of that right now as the most important thing is what you could realize from Saturn Square to the Nodes of Fate: other-life memories! It is a great time to become aware of your Karmic patterns over a series of lifetimes and the repeating of these patterns via storylines that you will somehow just seem to KNOW. This aspect can be stronger for those who have Saturn or the Nodes of Fate (North and South Nodes) Transiting Higher Mind Houses (those ruled by Higher Mind Planets) such as 9th House, 11th House or 12th House. If you have some flashes of memories come through, don’t discount them. Sit with them and see how they are the strand of your experiences over a series of lifetimes with the same Karma and Chiron wounding. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has this occur.

The next few days are pretty quiet as we prepare for the New Moon at 8:15 Libra at 8:12pm on Friday night. It will be another great night for RELATING! Your goals and emotions will be in sync and you can clearly see where you want to go with things!

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