Full of CHANGE Moon in Aries -Oct15&16

Snapshot: Saturday is a very powerful day! From the shocking clarity early in the morning, to the suspicious expressions as we move into the Full Moon which will shake-up our emotions and show us another path to freedom and relating. But by Sunday morning we will be magically putting some new structures in place to support our changed emotions and relating-ships.

At 6:43am Saturday morning, the Sun at 22:30 Libra Opposes Uranus Retrograde at 22:30 Aries.

We may have been sleeping (or awake for those in the Eastern Hemisphere), but the clarifying revelations were shooting through to surprise us an show us something in a new light. Uranus in Aries is about finding our personal path (Aries) to freedom (Uranus). The Sun in Libra is helping us to relate more and through our relating we can become clearer about ourselves. This Opposition showed us a contrast between our own drives and our relating-ships. More freedom doesn’t hurt a relating-ship, but it can hurt a relationship. Stay in 5D to make the most of this revelation which is still separating as I write.

At 10:29pm Mercury at 15:01 Libra Squares Pluto at 15:01 Capricorn.

There can be some suspicious expressions here involving relating/relationships (Libra) and intimacy (Pluto). Pluto wants to initiate structures (Capricorn) for intimacy, but in Capricorn, that means he wants to control you (Capricorn) or manipulate you (Pluto) in a 3D Square. Be on the look-out by try to respond from a 5D relating-ship position of knowing 3D aspects can create ‘others’ and duality especially with Mercury, the ruler of Gemini duality, involved. Does it matter if there is another? We are ALL connected. If you respond to the 3D energy, you will probably CREATE the suspicious situation that you are fearing in a Square. If you can watch it all play out, you won’t take the bait or you will not focus on it realizing it is coming from within you and not really from them.

At 11:12pm the Moon at 22:29 Aries Conjuncts Uranus at 22:29 Aries.

Here we will have the private/feeling side of the Sun’s Opposition to Uranus surface. The Moon and Uranus Conjunction creates CHANGED EMOTION. On Saturday morning, you may have been able to see some things clearly but with less emotion than you will be feeling as the Moon moves to Conjunct Uranus. Now we have a very volatile charge to the Full Moon energy as it is building. Change is in the air. Awareness of our emotions can hit us suddenly (Uranus) and powerfully (Aries). If you are looking for something to shake you out of your rut, this Full Moon is just the ticket! You may find that you can easily walk away from old relationships or old situations without needing to look back. Uranus will MAKE you SEE (Sun) how your FEELINGS (Moon) have CHANGED. And you will suddenly feel FREE to move along.

At 12:22am on Sunday, the Moon at 23:14 Aries Opposes the Sun at 23:14 Libra creating the Full Moon in Aries.

All of Saturday evening is going to be very powerful and life-changing and life-affirming. You are moving into a new chapter around the ways you relate to others. You will want to maintain your personal freedom to the max while enjoying others company. But you will feel free to enjoy it rather than to feel it is necessary to have them around at all times. Or you will find that you WANT to relate more but in unexpected ways. You may rewrite the contract you have with someone. Or send them into the friends zone because you have other challenges and quests to conquer.

Sunday morning only helps reinforce the changes you want to make:

At 4:14am Mars at 12:52 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 12:52 Sagittarius.

Here we have a bit of support as we initiate (Capricorn/Saturn) new structures in our lives that support our higher consciousness and career/public reputation foundations. While its not a huge aspect in the midst of the revelatory (Uranus) CLARITY (Sun) and EMOTIONS (Moon), it is certainly helpful in getting us focused to move ahead.

At 6:01am Mercury at 15:34 Libra Biquintiles Neptune Retrograde at 9:34 Pisces.

This double-magic aspect between our conscious/lower mind, Mercury, and our subconscious/Higher Mind, Neptune, is a great blessing to help us express ways we want to move forward with and to curb any old fears from getting in the way of our newfound emotional revelations! Use this energy to get safely out of your rut and moving into the surreal, beautiful reality your subconscious mind can conjure up for you!


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