Our Desires Get Challenged -Oct18&19

Snapshot: We have a bit of a struggle between our desires and our motivations building from Monday night through Wednesday morning. A father-like authority that we happen to share resources or ourselves with, may have something to say about it.

There is a 3-way aspect that has been in play since Sunday involving Venus, Mars and Pluto. That is our female and male energies, or women and men, irritating each other and Mars brings in the big guns to try to control the situation.

At about 3:15am on Tuesday, Venus ingresses Sagittarius and our desires will go from wanting to use other people’s money along with our own to being more willing to give and share. We will have some expanded optimism around our own resources an want to help the greater good with what we have.

At 3:56am Venus at 0:03 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 15:03 Sagittarius.

Here we have some irritation likely coming from some authority figure trying to control how we spend or use our resources (or desires to do so). OR this authority could be applying a bit of pressure on us to share ourselves with them. Or you may simply feel like this father-like or public authority is dragging down your optimism.

You may recall what happened on Sunday when Venus Semi-Squared Mars (at 2:51pm) as Mars is now applying to Conjunct Pluto adding extra emphasis to Mar’s motivations to control the situation.

At 7:22am on Wednesday morning, Mars at 15:03 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 15:03 Capricorn.

As Pluto is on the EXACT same degree and minute as his meeting with Venus, his anger may be building from Tuesday through Wednesday. You may have someone trying hard and pushing hard to control your desires or keep your from desiring to pursue your big ideas (Sagittarius).

This aspect initiates a new cycle between Mars and Pluto. They were last Conjunct on Nov 1, 2014 at 11+ degrees Capricorn. Mars and Pluto in Capricorn are ‘men’ (or male energy/Mars) controlling (Capricorn) our shared resources (Pluto). This can be ‘global’ (affecting all of us) or personal, at the same time. Pay attention to what happens now as we begin the new cycle to see what may be up ahead.

On Oct 29 Venus will Conjunct Saturn beginning a new cycle between theses 2 Planets. Mars started a new cycle with Saturn on Aug 24. See if you can recall what was going on with your motivations or a man/male energy around that time and see how Venus now Conjunct Saturn will reflect another element of that story… namely about resources, beauty, women and love that is tied to the same ‘story.’

And remind me to discuss these cycles as they progress as this is another layer of Astrology you need to begin to follow in order to really understand how linear time is a lie and construct of the 3D/Mercury mind.

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    1. Thanks, Anoop! Yes, mars and Pluto can create something big, but I’m wouldn’t say creative field for Venus and mars… more like higher consciousness rubbing father-like authority the wrong way. But it can as benign as our exchange right here between a man and a woman exchanging higher consciousness ideas 👍

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