Our Achilles’ Heeling – Oct 19&20

Snapshot: Late Wednesday afternoon our expressions will be Soulful and perhaps painful. But this will ease by late Wednesday evening as we can express some Soul Awareness that eases the pain. And on the heels of this awareness we will have magical, soulful clarity.

At 4:02pm on Wednesday, Mercury at 21:28 Libra Quincunx Chiron Rx at 21:28 Pisces.

Here our relating could be a bit painful or the words could hurt. But if we can anticipate it, the words will serve as a reminder of old pains we have known.

At 3:48am on Thursday morning, Mercury at 22:18 Libra Opposes Uranus Rx at 22:18 Aries.

On the heels of any possible pain, we will have the revelation to go with it. We may unexpectedly blurt out how we need more freedom, or how we see our friends and partners need more freedom. We can embrace our differences more easily.

But both Chiron and Uranus together can bring out Soul Awareness so over the 12 hours between the 2 above aspects we can expect to have some very Soulful revelations come through. So let them. If you are getting headaches, remember that is Uranus trying to break through your crown chakra to give you the revelation to CHANGE things. If you are stuck in a rut in your relationships, this aspect could help you to bring into a more 5D relating-ship style.

At 6:11am the Sun at 27:27 Libra Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 21:27 Pisces.

Here the Sun, which brings clarity around our goals and purpose, makes a double-magic aspect to the umbilical cord to our Souls, Chiron. Chiron in Pisces can bring up some subconscious guilt or shame and emotional manipulation in 3D, but in 5D Chiron is healing our wounding via the collective unconscious. This 5D aspect between the Sun and Chiron means that we can have the clarity to be grateful for the purpose of our wounding. We can SEE (Sun) how our various woundings have granted us the opportunity to experience human fallibility for all of its shortcomings that are poignant and gratifying.

The Sun in Libra will bring this clarity to any issues we have in relating to others and allow us to show our gratitude for these same issues. What fun would life be if it were perfect?!

These aspects are a great opportunity to remember ┬áto see the beauty in our own ‘Achilles’ Heel.’ A pain that Achilles found so painful that he gave up his immorality to become mortal and die.

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