Mirroring Ourselves Karmically & Soulfully – Oct21&22

Snapshot: Late Thursday night or early Friday morning, we may have some irritation come up around our accountability to higher consciousness and our relating-ship goals. By late morning, we may find that we can talk about whatever came up for us in some dream or from the fringes of our minds. Late afternoon on Saturday, we will express these ideas Soulfully.

At 3:48am the Sun at 28:19 Libra Semi-Squares Saturn at 13:19 Sagittarius.

There is some irritation that may force us to recognize someone else’s contribution to a relating-ship. We could see where we feel that we have not been recognized and we would like to be. Or we could set new goals that help us to rise above any old Karmic feelings in the way we relate to others.

At 10:19am Mercury at 24:29 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 9:29 Pisces.

Here we can expect to verbalize some of the above aspect if it came to us via a dream or simply comes out of our subconscious without effort. When we hear the words spoken, we may then make an adjustment that results in an ease. The Sun is reality and Mercury is now behind the Sun but expressing some of the clarity the Sun has been bringing us as the Sun has Transited Libra.

The Sun in aspect to Saturn and Mercury in aspect to Neptune has our conscious mind (Mercury) and our goals (Sun) expressing some of the Karmic issues that we have been through over the last year as Saturn Squared Neptune 3 times. This clarity (Sun) and expression (Mercury) could help us to find ways to work through any Karmic consequences of the 3D Karmic Squares.

Things are quiet until later on Saturday. (Though you likely have personal aspects occurring in your own chart.)

At 4:30pm on Saturday, Mercury at 26:37 Libra Semi-Squares the North Node at 11:37 Virgo.

Our expressions here may raise a bit of irritation, but the Soulful part of it can show us how to let it go. In fact, Mercury is Ses-Square to the South Node which creates an ease once an adjustment has been made. So the South Node may be more of what gets expressed here. The South Node in Pisces can be too much imagining without any action or physical outcomes. So if you have been avoiding being present to your relating-ships, this aspect could point out to you what needs to be done to make things happen or to enable better relating.

If your relating-ships have been too one-sided, you can blame the Nodes of Fate here as there is either too much avoidance or too much ‘serving.’ The North Node is helping us to not overdo our ‘service’ to others, but the South Node is where we disengage in the physical reality and can lose track of where things really need to go.

Whatever your expressions bring up for you on Friday and Saturday, you can see the Soulful (Nodes) and Karmic (Saturn and Neptune) parts in your relating-ships. Relationships are mirrors of ourselves that we play with. Learning to do that healthily and Soulfully is part of 5D. The minute we are too possessive or fearful of a loss, we have set the stage for that very event. So that means that by seeking the neutral emotional stage allows us to play with the mirrors without breaking them. Though the Planetary energies will determine what you see… it is YOUR reaction to what you SEE that determines what you will EXPERIENCE.

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