Motivational Revelation & Karmic Desires-Oct 29

Snapshot: Late Thursday night offers plenty of motivational awareness, but can get you ahead of yourself creating some unexpected actions (accidents). By Friday night, our desires will get checked for their accountability to the greater good.

At 12:06am Mars at 21:57 Capricorn Squares Uranus Rx at 21:57 Aries.

Here we can act so quickly and unexpectedly that accidents can occur. But if you stay aware of the potentials, you can deal with this energy in ways that don’t hurt you physically. The higher purpose of this energy is to bring you revelations around what actions you are wanting to take to build new foundations in your life. With Mars in Capricorn, we have some Saturn/Uranus energies combined here and we can make split-second changes to areas where we are usually very predictable and methodical.

Whatever you do, you are no doubt acting in ways that promote your personal path to freedom. March to a new beat and break out of restricting situations as you find an opening.

At 8:45pm on Friday night, Venus at 14:11 Sagittarius Conjuncts Saturn at 14:11 Sagittarius.

Here we may feel the seriousness of our desires to be accountable to the greater good rather than just expanding our resources for our own good. Sagittarian energy is expansive, but Saturn tends to channel energies in a more narrow path that creates a more grounded result. Venus has her own money here and wants to share some abundance and Saturn is making sure that she keep it all within reasonable bounds. If you were wanting to take off on a roadtrip, for instance, Saturn is going to bring up a bit more of the concrete logistics that need to be considered.

Saturn can tamp down some of Venus’ expansive beauty here as well and you may be feeling some numerological age. But just shake it off and go on that adventure. It will be to your benefit. Just keep in mind you don’t HAVE to age;)

As Venus is aspecting Saturn, you are wrapping up the energy of the Karmic Squares of the last year. Are you still in love with the same person you thought you were in love in late November 2015?

At 14+ degrees of Sagittarius, Venus is leaving the Karmic Squares and her Squares to the Nodes of Fate… thank goodness. Things will feel a bit lighter again soon.

And what conscious clarity did you have around noon on Thursday? Keep this in mind as Mercury speeds up ahead of the Sun.

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