The Universe is a Transient Circuit Board

Isn’t it ironic? That the most definitive phrase to capture my ‘5D Astrology IS the Theory of Everything (TOE) presentation on my YouTube channel and it was cut off in editing of that clip… πŸ˜‰ See HERE

So the title of this post, “The Universe is a Transient Circuit Board” is the final phrase of the video linked here. When we fully comprehend that everything is set in some sort of mixed motion (at this stage of consciousness) then we are merely moving through the frames of a 3D/virtual reality simulation/live stage play.

A few weeks ago (you remember because I wasn’t blogging) I went down to visit my ‘son’ in North Carolina rather unexpectedly (Uranus). My ‘son’ was in the middle of 2 Heartbreak Transits (Transiting Saturn Opposite Natal Chiron and Transiting Chiron Square Natal Saturn) and many other very hard aspects all brought to bear at the same time. When I told my daughter that I was going, she decided to come too. It was time for moral support in the midst of what my son now calls his ‘existential emergency.’ Existential Emergency is what I call a Hard Chiron Transit! Watch HERE to understand Chiron’s purpose through the Dimensions. Chiron is your umbilical cord to your Soul.

When I left NC after a week there, I knew we was just entering the worst month ahead, but we at least got him through the very low pressure system of a Hurricane and he had a Soulful boost to get him through the rest of it. But I anticipated the phone calls to come.

While in NC, my ‘son’ Justin and I watched the movie ‘Lucy’ which he had been telling me for a few years sounded like the novel I wrote in 1998 titled Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug.’Β 

I liked the movie and listened closely to the scientific phrases Morgan Freeman was using to explain how Lucy developed to use 100% of her brain from a ‘drug’ she took. In my novel, I wrote about a baby that was born that used a 100% of their brain and that through compassion spreading more and more of us would develop that. In May 2015 I met Cory a young guy who I recognized USED his brain to that extent (until a Karmic Chiron Transit hit and his switch flipped for that Transit). These ‘babies’ I would learn were called ‘Indigos’ or ‘Rainbows’ by others. I came to see how these early-20-somethings are here to bring us through Vast, Transformational Change.

When I was doing my book tour for my novel in 1999, the movie ‘Matrix was’ hitting theaters and people were telling me that my novel was like the Matrix. I knew consciousness couldn’t be copyrighted so I thought that was pretty cool confirmation.

Last February I did my next major ‘written’ material in the form of about 12 videos that laid out the case for how 5D Astrology IS the Theory of Everything (TOE). See the Intro HERE.Β The TOE is the overarching scientific theory that ties all other theories together. Well, that can ONLY be viewed via the Zodiac Wheel which is a map of our Solar System and beyond. BUT you need to view that wheel from a 5D perspective.

I was hoping my ‘son’ would watch the videos as he is brilliant and completes a 5D 5-pointed star with me with our charts together. We operate on 5D. But his wounding is in Gemini and Opposes his Natal Saturn (Natal Heartbreak Transit) and a wounding across the 2 mental Signs can make them feel as though they are not smart enough or spiritual enough. He overcompensates for it and IS brilliant, but you can’t convince those with this wounding any more than you can tell that beautiful, insecure woman that she IS beautiful!

But Justin had watched the 1st Episode of this new show on HBO that he liked so we watched it together and I was still there for Episode 2. It is ‘West World’ a show about a virtual reality set where rich people can pay to play in a world with ‘hosts’ that aren’t conscious. They can even ‘kill’ these ‘hosts’ to experience the feeling, but they aren’t killing real people. Each night the ‘park’ staff collects the mutilated bodies of the ‘hosts’ who have been victimized in all various ways so they can be reset for the next day.

Its pretty much what I was trying to explain to people over the last year or so! That is really what the Zombie Apocalypse is: the ‘death’ of those ‘Soulless’ players that are projections of our 3D mind/reality.

But the show continues with these robot ‘hosts’ have existential emergencies and becoming CONSCIOUS πŸ˜‰

So when my ‘son’ had his Dark Night of the Soul earlier this week, I was able to use this show to help him see the 5D Soul Awareness perspective he needed to gain in order to manage these 2 Heartbreak Transits simultaneously.

But I started with telling him some ‘stories’ of those of you who have gone through these Transits with my awareness assisting yours. We ALL go through these tough human Transits that are designed to help us remember if we want out of the deep, deep pain of it all.

I also told him that Mars was going to Conjunct his Ascendant over the next few days and he would wake up KNOWING what actions to take. And he DID!

While I would love to have you all view my videos on my YouTube channel: 5D Astrology, you should also try to watch this show, West World! They had a far bigger budget for their videos than I did πŸ˜‰

But, again, the Universe has provided an external expression on a grand scale of the same internal work I was doing… Matrix and now West World! Gotta love it!!

Oh, and the Universe IS a Transient Circuit Board. You are simply having an experience πŸ™‚



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