Pumpkin Into a Carriage Energy -Nov 9

Snapshot: On Wednesday, we will have to check our motivations around mid-morning, but by dinnertime we will have some magical subconscious desires.

At 10:53am Mars at 1:18 Aquarius Semi-Squares Saturn at 15:01 Sagittarius.

This is an irritation aspect around our unexpected (Aquarius) motivations (Mars) that could rub an authority figure the wrong way a bit. Mars ingressing Aquarius on Tuesday is shaking up our drive and will and has us seeking more freedom. Saturn wants us to toe the line and see the big picture, but Mars can be a bit too focused on himself.

At 5:10pm Venus at 27:16 Sagittarius Quintiles Neptune Rx at 9:16 Pisces.

Here we have magic between our desires and our subconscious. No fears can break through as there is only 5D understanding of what we want. Our desires can magically be realized. And what we desire right now is abundance for everyone. We won’t see the usual limitation of the 3D world, but rather will glimpse the vastness of our resources within our subconscious mind. Its a great time to dream of a pumpkin turning into a carriage or some other great thing happening for someone you at a distance from you. This aspect can make the idea of distance seem unimaginable! But you need to use it 😉

With Mars now in Aquarius, over the next 6 weeks or so we can expect to be pursuing our individual paths to freedom even more. Mars and Uranus are in Mutual Reception, are in the Sign the other one rules. So there is a double amount of energy focused on freedom, equality, cooperation and philanthropy, but also on yourself and your own actions that you are pursuing.



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