Full ‘Intimate-Touch’ Moon-Nov14

Snapshot: Monday kicks off with some magical and Soulful motivation just prior to the emotional peak around intimate touch issues or my money and your money.

At 5:21am Mars at 3:49 Aquarius Biquintiles the North Node at 9:49 Virgo.

Here we have double-magic/5D motivation resulting from some Soul Awareness. We may even wake up early because we need to ACT upon some revelation to serve someone else. Mars in Aquarius is in Mutual Reception with Uranus. So this aspect brings in Uranian flashes of inspiration and awareness. Mars will ACT on those flashes without much forethought. Our actions are likely to be in doing something for someone else… serving them in some manner.

At 8:51am the Moon at 22:37 Taurus Opposes the Sun at 22:37 Scorpio creating the Full Moon.

As Taurus and Scorpio form the axis of touch and sex as well as my money/resources and your money/resources, this is a very Personal Full Moon. Scorpio is Fixed Water that runs deep. Taurus is Fixed Earth that doesn’t budge easily. These 2 Signs are the most loyal Signs of the Zodiac. They don’t change their feelings (Scorpio) or location (Taurus) easily. If you aren’t sure about someone you have been intimate with recently, you should know how you FEEL by the time the Moon Opposes the Sun. Full Moons are all about getting a look (clarity of the Sun) at our feelings in the areas of our lives where we have 22+ Scorpio/Taurus.

This Full Moon brings some completion or culmination to the fresh start we had at the New Moon in Scorpio on Oct 30.


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